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In the last 3 or 4 years, there's been new studies on treating tennis elbow using Theraband Flexbars...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention these, they provide another way to do eccentric forearm contractions. It's the eccentric part that is common to all the methods and that seems to be the secret weapon in elbow tendinitis rehab.

The trouble with the Flexbars is that they come in different strengths, so there is an initial question of which one to begin with, and then subsequent questions about possibly upgrading to stiffer ones. The advantage is that they are easily transported and make good conversations starters. Using either the homemade "hammer of Thorette" in the UK article or just the dumbells suggested by Dr. Saunders provides more fine-tuning ability and may be cheaper if you already have some of the weights around the house.