I'd like it to stay. I can't make it to a public meeting hours away on a weekday, but the link does include an e-mail address for comments for those in similar situations.

I'll voice my opinion that way after I get some time to review the draft plan. Though the place seemed much less useful to me once parking was curtailed to just the lot. I don't see any parking changes mentioned from a quick skim.

With folks not carpooling and those camping illegally, there is not enough room for legal campers to park during peak periods. I think the parking is barely adequate for all legal campers if the sites are at capacity. Heading into town for dinner can mean having nowhere to park when you head back to camp. I don't see any notes about parking changes in there, which makes sense given the overuse noted in the draft plan.

It is a tough situation. Folks parking there to sleep in their vehicles, or those tossing a bag down anywhere mean insufficient parking for those camping at sites. Rangers can't constantly patrol it, and besides ticketing the campers not in legal spots, do they have the ability to make them leave to free up parking for legal campers? Perhaps that is a suggestion to be made? Getting booted late at night for illegal camping will likely send a message and will no doubt spread to other climbers by word of mouth and message boards if regularly and strictly enforced.

Seems like it will worsen with Slime closing (which I assume means an end to folks camping in their vehicles in the West Trapps lot).