Couple of meandering points.
Seems obvious that the more we establish semi-permanent anchors on lines, the more they will be used for both anchoring and rappelling the same way. This can't be a good thing, esp if most of the anchors at the top of the cliff use trees.

Biggest issue I see is that folks often just to want to knock out a bunch of de facto single pitch lines without both climbers (or their party of seven) leaving the ground. We have a bounty of great 'one pitch wonders' which fit this, and those lines which aren't bolted inevitably start to acquire nests of tat at the top of P1. We can't force people to top out mad even if the upper pitches are stellar. These intermediate nests immediately lead to the slinging of trees at the top per Tequila Mockingbird.

There are also a minority of climbs that might have topped out historically but now aren't generally climbed all the way up. (I was just on Last Frontier, for example)If they were ever cleaned is unclear as lichen is starting to come back. I would support requesting the Preserve to fix some of these.. maybe a list would help.

Rich, I think we have to address that this is just how stuff gets climbed these days. I'm all for directing rap lines appropriately and maybe asking the Preserve to consider adding more lines from the top, but I didn't get any takers as to whether this was indeed necessary or where these might be. Perhaps the top of Silly Chimney. I would guess that few climbers are going to down climb that these days. Lets be realistic about managing changing climber habits. There is a huge and good looking tree slung there and we shouldn't kill that.