Yes. Not all change is good. We are struggling with how to manage the massive uptick in climber numbers and habits. I'm all for chopping tat, clearing these anchors and banning chalk, but feel like I'm in the minority.

Maybe if we want to do this properly, maybe we should ask the Preserve to annually restate its policy ( say as a flyer that you get when you renew) that all non-bolted anchors should be regarded as litter and may be removed at any time, and that therefore you shouldn't depend upon them, so that efforts to remove then could be legitimized. I don't see other easy ways to impact the whole climber community.

Would also be helpful if they could publish an annual list of currently bolted anchors and descent lines and solicit climber comments on proposed changes.

That would be nice....

Originally Posted By: Rickster
All those paradigm shifts.
From.. pins to all nut ascents.
From..walking off to rapping down.
From.. leave nothing behind, to all the fooking tat.

Just to name a few.

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