No no no no. It is The Winter. Not Simple Stuff/Techno Stuff.

Let's review.

Curmudgeon posted "This thread usually dies in the winter." (Emphasis added.) I took this to be the correct answer.

I asked him if he could id the photo before I posted the expanded view and he then replied that he still didn't know what the route was and guessed Simple Stuff. I believe he was just kidding when he said that.

Anyway I thought it was a fun picture because once you crop out the corner (and the visible half-driven piton) it becomes very difficult to tell what you're looking at. Also the climber is kind of far to the right. Her hand is obscuring the juggy hold that everyone uses but she has moved her body out of the corner, which I thought was unusual. But then I saw another climber do the same thing while I was belaying my partner on Bold-ville so what do I know.
It's true, I have a blog.