Hey a belated congrats to cfrac-- his photo of Lindsay Chevernak on Erect Direction was published in this month's Rock & Ice, on p.20. The route is featured in the magazine's recurring feature "My Favorite 5.10."

It is an awesome photo. The perspective of the picture makes it appear as though the photographer had to be hanging in space, wearing a jet pack. It seems as though the photographer is too far from the edge to be hanging from the cliff, though I'm sure cfrac was doing just that.

The article is by Alison Osius, Executive Editor of the magazine. Besides using cfrac's photo, she makes reference to several Gunks.com characters, sometimes by name and sometimes more obliquely.

Osius mentions a free soloist who got stuck on ED and had to wait a while for a rescue. We all know this character, whose free solo exploits were a recent controversial subject right here on this site.

And the author also paraphrases an "Internet" comment about ED being a hard 5.10. I believe she is referring to a comment on Mountain Project by our own Gail.

And finally she quotes me by name, taking a line from my blog about CCK Direct. I feel a little funny about being included in this article, as I have never climbed Erect Direction! (I plan to rectify this in 2014. I am scared of the traverse on pitch two. I feel fine about the roofs at the top.)

Also she calls me a "local," which I'm sure would come as a surprise to many who post here. I'm sure most of you think of me as a tourist. But never mind all that, I'm now anointed a local, and an authority on CCK Direct!
It's true, I have a blog. http://climbandpunishment.blogspot.com/