Thanks Seth and Curmudgeon! So I didn't use a jet pack, but I did use a wide angle lens and a portaledge turned sideways (facing out) to get out in space. I got the idea for that angle when I snapped a pic of Ranger Rob at the belay when we climbed it in the Winter. It just looked so cool looking at Rob in the snow-less corner and the snow covered tiers below dropping away beneath him.

I thought Aliso's write-up was excellent and gave ED the credit it deserves, it certainly is one of the best 5.10's around! The soloing story is so wild. Once you get to that hanging belay there is no easy way out and contemplating reversing that crab crawl is horrifying. I also can't imaging being a 5.10 leader from another area that doesn't have big roofs and heading up on ED.

Here's the photo for those who haven't seen the magazine and a couple of other shots from that same day:

From a few Winters ago: