+1 for the deli sucking balls - $3 for a peanut-butter bagel served by some snotty kid that took 20 minutes? Same price gets me a fatty egg sandwich from the convenient deli, plus coffee, served by the friendly and honest folks - left my wallet there once and they returned, not short a buck.

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That deli sucked balls for a number of years. I stopped going there somewhere around 2005 or 2006. Lines too long, service sucked, food too expensive, and not a good selection. And to clarify a point...it is NOT in New Paltz. It's in Gardiner. Convenient Deli makes a good egg sandwich, and quick and easy lunch sandwiches. They are fast, and inexpensive. In the same parking lot with Dedricks Pharmacy. The deli in Gardiner is WAAAAY overpriced.