Why is the overlook parking lot getting managed by the mohonk Preserve? Why has gardiner sold out to its taxpayers by letting the Preserve manage more land around here? I think the preserve has its hands full already with managing the land they already own and currently seem overextended with the foothills project . The overlook has been under increased regulation in the past decade and now it is completely ruined. Take a drive by and see for yourself how parking will now be limited to approximately 12 cars and how you can only access it from driving down the hill. Instead of allowing cars to pull in and park as the spacing dictated, now cars will be lined up in que along rt. 44/55 waiting for a parking space just like Minnewaska\'s entrances. Was a traffic study done for this project? Watch out for these land grabs and local power plays by big brother it\'s gonna get a lot worse if mike hein gets what he wants with increased tourism. New paltz and gardiner do not need anymore tourism as these towns are swimming with tourists.