Hi Folks,

After six years away from the east coast, I\'m coming back. I plan to spend a good bit of time at the Gunks. Would be cool to meet you all. But that\'s for another thread.

I always found the climbing quite unique, and didn\'t find that anything but climbing at the Gunks prepared me for climbing at the Gunks. So I expect it to take me a quite a while to get in tune with the rock again.

When I left, I was really only just breaking in to low to mid 5.10s (done perhaps a dozen). I plan to back up a bit until I get the feel of things. But once I do, I would like to start pushing the grades a bit on reasonably well protected climbs.

For those of you who climb (or have climbed) tens and elevens at the Gunks, did you boulder at the Gunks? Do you think it helped much? Or did you just climb routes?

I\'ve never been much of a boulderer, and, in fact, the one time I tried doing any established boulder problems at the Gunks, I got royally spanked. But I\'m willing to dedicate some time to training - in whatever form it takes. And I wonder if Gunks bouldering (in addition to getting Gunks mileage again) might be the best form of training I could do.