I think it is true, but I don\'t think they are about to add new bolts tomorrow either.

I\'ve been preparing a letter about my personal view about appropriate future directions, trying to take a long and realistic view of Preserve mission, population, culture, and genre issues, and whatever trad climbing might mean in the 21st century. I\'d urge others to do the same, which is to say write something thoughtful and well-reasoned that can go into the files of the Preserve anchor committee.

The online debates have a way of primarily serving the purposes of trolls and the audiences who like to crowd around a schoolyard fight. I doubt anyone at the Preserve even looks at them, and if they do, it probably isn\'t for more than a few seconds. So if you think you have something of value to say, put it on paper (remember paper?) and send it to Hank Alicandri.