After reading the motivating threads on hardcore trail running races and some of your exploits (GV- sub 3-hr marathons! Geez.), I was motivated to go for a long run at the famed Manassas National Battlefield Monument in Viriginia yesterday. They have nice cinder track/trails that run about 12 miles or so through woods, across fields, and adjacent to Bull Run, Matthew Hill, and Henry Hill, site of Stonewall Jackson's namesake. And no, I only ran 5.2 miles; not all 12.

The problem is that it POURED the night before and I got my nice white Asics Cumulus IV running shoes all muddy. Since I am a gumby at running in general, I turn to you, erudite gunks.commies for suggestions on how to clean them.

Washing machine?
Spray 'em down with a hose?
Shut up a deal with it because white-ish running shoes are for sissies anyway?

Enlighten me!