My girlfriend and I are going to take 4-1/2 days off (including travel) with another friend to do some camping. This means we'll have two cars, and will not be bound to making a "loop".

So the question I pose is: Where to go?

My girlfriend has not camped overnight before, so I want the first experience to be a good one. I think that would include: Some good swimming opportunities, the ability to ease her into the camping aspect by spending some nights in a hut or lean-to, as well as the tent. I think it would be great if we could mix in some canoeing as well.

So what do you all think? We're thinking about:
  • the Whites
  • the Dacks
  • the Catskills?
  • Maine?
  • Pennsylvania?

Our first thought is to drive, but I suppose we could train to our destination as well.

I am grateful for your suggestions.

evan marks
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