Oops. Here's something I didn't notice in the beta stage. This is just a thought for when you start pitching co-marketing to other areas. I noticed that the "where you want to climb" part doesn't work so well in the "Rocky Mountain" region. When I lived in NY, if I said, "Let's go climbing this weekend," that pretty much meant the Gunks. But now that I live in Boulder, if I want to go climbing, I'll generally find the partner first, and then decide afterwards if we want to go to: Eldorado, Boulder Canyon, Lumpy Ridge, Flatirons, or RMNP (for example). On the other hand, Indian Creek, Moab, Wild Iris, and Zion (for example) are all pretty far afield. So selecting the area before the partner doesn't necessarily apply out here. Ditto for the "find a partner by ability," where one also needs to select a crag first.

The only solution I can think of would be to have a "broader category" kind of arrangement, where you would look for a partner by "region" (e.g., Boulder-area, Moab-area, SW Utah-area), rather than by specific crag/peak. You would have some kind of key listing that would tell people what the included crags/peaks were in each area, but people wouldn't RFP by crag, just by region. In some ways, this might also cut down on the complexity of your system, since "Boulder-area," for example, would cover a whole bunch of climbing locations--which you then would not have to list separately.

But this is just a minor point for future reference. In general, congratulations on getting the DB up and running! It looks great!