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#10725 - 12/16/03 06:34 PM Re: Snowboarding Moguls [Re: edk]
pitfall Offline
old hand

Registered: 11/01/00
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Loc: Albany
Nothing is more annoying to a skier than snowboarders who just slide from bump to bump because they can't handle the moguls. It's impressive to see someone who can really board through them with style. The only thing I find almost as impressive is to see someone who can tele the bumps like a champ.

#10726 - 12/16/03 06:51 PM Re: Snowboarding Moguls [Re: pitfall]
quanto_the_mad Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 05/14/02
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Loc: brooklyn
I think that beginner skiers and snowboarders do the same exact thing on the mogul runs; neither really annoys me since I know I was doing the same thing once upon a time.

I think beginner skiers are a little more dangerous, not to themselves but to others, since when they wipe out you have gear strewn across a fairly wide area. Then you have all their friends nearby picking up gear, which clogs up a part of the run for a few minutes. On the other hand snowboarders just stand up and go.

#10727 - 12/16/03 07:10 PM Re: Snowboarding Moguls [Re: edk]
crackers Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 03/21/01
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Loc: pdx
surfing the tops is the only way to go. i love it so much.

it is draining though. it does take alot of energy.

top turn top turn top turn top skip to the next line and turn on landing top turn...

#10728 - 12/16/03 07:35 PM Re: Snowboarding Moguls [Re: quanto_the_mad]
MurphysLaw Offline

Registered: 03/12/02
Posts: 2308
Loc: Hudson Valley, NY
On the other hand snowboarders just stand up and go.

Indeed. This is usually due to breaking their fall by landing on a nice, soft, unsuspecting nearby skier.

Q: How does a boarder introduce himself to a skier?
A: "Sorry dude!"

I give mad props to any boarders who can ride bumps smoothly and in control.
(in part cuz they seem to be a very rare breed - I call the vast majority (of riders and skiers) who can't "groomers", since they all just sidesip straight down and scour the bumps down to glare ice )

My intermediate-level riding skills completely abandon me in the bumps.
(It's a strange feeling to be terrified on a run that I wouldn't give a second thought to if I were on skis. )
"Flailing?" "Flail on!"

#10729 - 12/18/03 05:47 PM Re: Snowboarding Moguls [Re: quanto_the_mad]
Daniel Offline

Registered: 05/23/01
Posts: 1515
I think that beginner skiers and snowboarders do the same exact thing on the mogul runs; neither really annoys me since I know I was doing the same thing once upon a time.

Perhaps both skiers and boarders have problems in the bumps before getting their technique down. But from what I've seen, the scraping caused by boarders who really shouldn't be in the bumps does far more damage to mogul runs than skiers. I've seen some boarders simply give up on turning and just scrape the snow off bump after bump, which really ruins that line it for everyone who follows, while poor skiers at least try to make turns as they stumble down the field. Perhaps it's just a case of a few bad apples, but I really think boarders who don't know what they're doing in the bumps should make an effort to stay out of them so that we two-plankers (and better boarders) can continue to enjoy the runs.

Or maybe we just need some separate terrain? (Mmmmmmmm, Alta . . . .)

#10730 - 01/10/04 10:26 PM Re: Skiing [Re: Chas]
GwenL Offline

Registered: 10/06/02
Posts: 326
Loc: Reno, NV

And what about Gwen?.... Haven't heard from the south.

(ps: my wife would really like to know since she plans to heli ski in Argentina (myself, backed out because friends and I are going back to Peru to fail on the usual suspects).

I just saw this...sorry, we aren't doing much skiing down here right now!

I know nothing more about heli skiing (or any other type of skiing) in Argentina than you can find on the web.

About one hour from my house are Santiago's three closest ski areas, Valle Nevado, La Parva, and El Colorado. All well worth skiing, never seen a lift line, reasonable pass ($25 per day last year, and you can find discounts). All the skiing is above the tree line, and there is nothing really equivalent to a double black. When there is lots of snow (as there was in 02 but not in 03), there are some neat areas that are rarely skiied but are served by the lifts. Kind of behind a few ridge lines.

The next closest area is Portillo, on the road to Mendoza, Argentina, about 90 min - 2 hours from Santiago, depending on the road and truck traffic. Also a very nice area, more of a destination as there's only one hotel. Also reasonably priced, both the hotel and lift tickets. Right across the border into Argentina, 20 minutes by car but really more like an hour after going through both customs posts, is Las Lenas, which many know as a "base camp" town for Aconcagua but also reasonably cheap, very high, and some good runs.

About five hours south of Santiago is Chillan, Chile's only tree line skiing. I haven't been yet, but it's supposed to be worth the trip. Again, reasonably priced.

The concept of "off piste" doesn't really exist here. Meaning they don't shoot you, or threaten to take your pass, if you ski off piste. I've skiied randonee many times in the mountains behind the ski areas of La Parva and Valle Nevado, really pretty, lots of solitude, and interesting "runs."

Both Valle Nevado and Portillo have heli skiing. I've not tried it, as it's too pricey for me ($100 a pop). I'd rather grind up a hill in my skins and enjoy the descent in solitude.

I've seen lots of American tourists on the slopes here. Many don't know a word of Spanish and come straight from the airport to the ski area, stay a week at the hotel, and then leave. A bit of a shallow pass through what is really a quite interesting city, country, and culture.


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