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#10933 - 01/13/04 11:11 PM Where are the bolts??

The recent sharp fall in the number of posts on this site may cause some of us to work
too hard. Since the weather keeps us 'too cool' guys away from the rock, we can instead
try answering one of those big philosophical questions of life:
Where are the bolts in the Gunks?
The rap bolts have it's own listing on this site, but where are the ones we clip for pro?

To start off:
2nd pitch of Arrow: 2 bolts. Real nice and shiny, give confidence.
1st pitch of Never Never Land, 1 bolt.
1st pitch of Thin Slabs, 1 bolt. A bit on the manky side.
1st pitch of Sente, 2 bolts. Both old rusty 1/4" ?

Is there also one on 1st pitch of Tequila Mockingbird?
Could there also be one on Womb Step?

#10934 - 01/13/04 11:37 PM Re: Where are the bolts??
Tai Offline

Registered: 01/02/03
Posts: 290
Loc: Middle of nowhere: South Salem...
There's one (piton, actually) "protecting" the crux move on Shockley's Ceiling; rusty, illmannered-looking thing. Saw a hapless leader take a fall on it; they hadn't sunk a cam or hex into the beautiful crack, in the ceiling, and couldn't pull the Move. The piton held, somehow. *shudder* This just before my first ascent of it.

Fortis est veritas

#10935 - 01/14/04 01:27 AM Re: Where are the bolts??
Dana Online   content

Registered: 07/13/00
Posts: 619
Bolts that I know of:

1. Phoebe
2. Blackout
3. Dry Martini
4. Gory Thumb
5. Never Never Land
6. J'Accuse
7. Turdland (3)
8. Arrow (2)
9. Worp Factor I
10. April Showers
11. Yellow wall (2)
12. Carbs and Caffeine (2)
13. Scarey Area (2)
14. Fat City
15. Beer and Loathing (2)
16. Sente (3)
17. Wonderland
18. Thins Slabs

#10936 - 01/14/04 04:31 AM Re: Where are the bolts?? [Re: Dana]
MarcC Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 07/10/00
Posts: 3532
3. Dry Martini - technically 2, the original and the new replacement.

4. Gory Thumb - on the second pitch, which perhaps sees as many as 5 ascents per decade.

19. Keep On Struttin'

A bunch at Lost City and Bonticou.

Historical ones now chopped:
Pumping Pygmies
- Marc

#10937 - 01/14/04 08:54 AM Re: Where are the bolts?? [Re: MarcC]
danskiz Offline

Registered: 12/07/01
Posts: 244
Loc: Jamestown ny
1. Phoebe - That thing would be lucky to hold body weight!

#10938 - 01/14/04 02:09 PM Re: Where are the bolts?? [Re: MarcC]
Dana Online   content

Registered: 07/13/00
Posts: 619
Chopped bolts:

Never Never Land (2)
Never Say Never
Farewell to Fingers

#10939 - 01/14/04 03:04 PM Re: Where are the bolts?? [Re: Dana]
browndog2 Offline
old hand

Registered: 04/24/01
Posts: 767
Loc: livin' on the edge
Lets not forget that big shiny bolt on Honky Tonk Woman, which is located about 20 feet below the poorly protected crux, supposedly to keep you from decking when your optimistic gear zippers(?).
(not that there's anything wrong with that...sorta)

#10940 - 01/14/04 06:06 PM Re: Where are the bolts?? [Re: browndog2]

Registered: 06/30/00
Posts: 48
Loc: NYC
The April Showers' bolt is gone now - think it disappeared last year.

#10941 - 01/14/04 08:26 PM Re: Where are the bolts??
Alex Offline

Registered: 08/16/00
Posts: 192
27 bolts? Is that the number for the Gunks? I wonder how many Seneca has in comparison? Do they even have any bolted rap anchors at all? Perhaps it should have the trad-style title more than the Gunks.

#10942 - 01/14/04 08:49 PM Re: Where are the bolts?? [Re: Alex]
tico Offline

Registered: 12/12/00
Posts: 416
Loc: Gardiner, NY
yes, seneca has bolted rap stations, and a more interesting comparison would be a pitches per bolt for both areas. Seneca has all of 500 or so routes.

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