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#11177 - 03/05/04 04:20 PM 2004 Gunks Tick List?
MurphysLaw Offline

Registered: 03/12/02
Posts: 2308
Loc: Hudson Valley, NY
OK, so it's a crappy rainy day and I'm bored....

Got out this week for my first taste o' Gunks rock for 2004 , and it got me thinking about what routes I'd like to get on this year.
What are some that y'all are hoping to knock off this season?

My abbreviated list (I came up w/ over 50 ) includes the following routes:

5.7's and under - Shockley's (still ain't never been on it ), Sixish, White Pillar, Dennis, Andrew, YYYY, Casa E, the -dance climbs

5.8's - Birdland (followed it), Farewell to Arms, Double Crack, Main Line, Drunkards, Broken Sling, Alphonse, Casablanca, SoEO in 1 pitch, p1 of Birdie Party, Fat Stick to YR, Cruise Control, Portrait of the Artist

5.9's - Bonnies Direct, CCK Direct, Le Teton, Apoplexy, MF (followed), Directissima to MT (followed), WASP, Trusty Rifle, Pink Laurel, Grand Central, p1 the Spring

5.10's - we'll see....

So, when it finally stops raining , whaddaya wanna climb?
"Flailing?" "Flail on!"

#11178 - 03/05/04 05:28 PM Re: 2004 Gunks Tick List? [Re: MurphysLaw]
OffTheEdge Offline

Registered: 08/09/03
Posts: 129
Loc: Orono, ME
Right now, the only one I NEED to do this year is thin slabs direct. For some reason it makes my stomach flip when I think of doing it and this year I'll get the stones to scratch up it....

#11179 - 03/05/04 06:40 PM Re: 2004 Gunks Tick List? [Re: MurphysLaw]
GOclimb Offline

Registered: 03/26/01
Posts: 2362
Loc: Boston
Shockley's without. Clothes, that is, not overhangs.


#11180 - 03/05/04 06:49 PM Re: 2004 Gunks Tick List? [Re: GOclimb]
d-elvis Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 04/26/00
Posts: 3650
Loc: Central PA
High E
"Marriage Survivor"

#11181 - 03/05/04 06:52 PM Re: 2004 Gunks Tick List? [Re: MurphysLaw]
nerdom Offline
Pooh-Bah *

Registered: 09/07/01
Posts: 2483
Loc: Davis Sq., MA
similar to yours, Murph ('cept for the ones on your list I already ticked):

5.8 - Modern Times (followed a long time ago), Birdland (followed P1, every time I thought about leading it, it had a dozen people waiting), Double Crack, Yellow Belly (got near the crux first time I tried it, but it was near dark, so I bailed), Farewell to Arms.

5.9 - CCK Direct (followed), Grand Central, Inverted Layback (followed P1, led P2), MF (followed P1), Pink Laurel, Le Teton, Apoplexy.

5.10 - Disney Point (followed), Wegetables, Nosedive, Retribution (and any other 10 I think I have shot at this year, since I'm hoping this'll be the year I break through the 5.10 barrier!)

When it finally stops raining, I think I'll get on Yellow Ridge to kick off the season. It's one of my all time favorite climbs.
we're all living proof that nothing lasts

#11182 - 03/05/04 06:56 PM Re: 2004 Gunks Tick List? [Re: MurphysLaw]
empicard Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 08/29/01
Posts: 2957
Loc: LI, NY
eowyn, except for the fact that my friend got horribly off route, and wound up on a 10 next to it.
andrew, and not get off route myself.
recent thread on frog's head made it sound interesting
finger locks
madame G

i'd like to TR a bunch of 9's & 10's, including finally getting oops or whatever it is on the oops wall(pskill), clean, and the maybe the crack on the side of the gerdie block. and shit, while we're at it, i'd like to finally pull that damn roof on shit or go blind
and more aid and bouldering. i plan on going whoop-ass all over fire escape.
damn. i've got some big plans!

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

#11183 - 03/05/04 07:06 PM Re: 2004 Gunks Tick List? [Re: MurphysLaw]
edk Offline

Registered: 05/06/02
Posts: 441
Loc: allentown, NJ
Great thread! I've been planning my season out mostly based on left overs from last year, and starting to feel pretty good so here goes:

The Winter
Matinee (mans gotta have dreams right!?)
Stirrup Trouble
Erect Direction
simple stuff
Nose Dive (gotta get it clean this year!)
Yesterdays Lemonade (bouldered the start, looks good!)

Keep on StruttinÂ’
Apoplexy (I have turne d this climb down more than any other, dont know why)
Friends and Lovers
Pink Laurel (did a key hold down low break off??)

Hyjeks Horror
CCK (direct)
Ape Call

Fat City
Transcon ( I am more scared of this one now than ever!)
Elder Cleavage
Bird Cage
Criss Cross direct

Cruise Control (millbrook)

Ticking one or two of these an outing would be terrific, but we'll see. I've left off some of the classic 6s 7s and 8s as they will get thrown in there as I get suggestions and pass by them.


#11184 - 03/05/04 07:19 PM Re: 2004 Gunks Tick List? [Re: edk]
CrackBoy Offline

Registered: 02/06/02
Posts: 2435
Loc: Republic of Davis
Hmm, my tick list for this year. ill throw on some gunks stuff in case i ever get back there or someone buys me a plane ticket

serentity crack possible link up to sons of yesterday
Royal Arches. maybe that and serentity crack in a day or add a north dome route.

Something on Cathedral spires.
Skull Queen or South Face or the Prow on Washington Column.

Reeds Direct

Surrealistic Pillar to Corregation Corner
Travellers buttress
Hardings Chimneys both of em

at the gunks
bonnies direct,
cck direct the full version
white pillar
nose dive, basically do some 5.10s and other classic i missed

oh yea stannards roof

Edited by CrackBoy (03/05/04 07:20 PM)
Just Call me Mr. Enthusiasm

#11185 - 03/05/04 07:47 PM Re: 2004 Gunks Tick List? [Re: empicard]
JoeKayak Offline
old hand

Registered: 06/21/02
Posts: 970
Loc: Manhattan

Since I led ONE measly little climb last year (the actual 5.5 black fly and I got off route ), I kinda need to start from scratch again (you a1 pulley installed, shoulder surgery behind me now). And I think I like Evan's list best. I've already led Fingerlocks and a pitch of Andrew. I'm back up to 10s in the gym and hope to tackle the rest of that list along with....

hmmm....okay don't have the book with me....

but if anyone needs a second on an .8 or .9.....give a hollar!


#11186 - 03/05/04 09:09 PM Re: 2004 Gunks Tick List? [Re: MurphysLaw]
Julie Offline

Registered: 01/16/00
Posts: 2090
Loc: SoCal
Strictly from Nowhere
SoEO all-in-one
Trusty Rifle
Grand Central
Double Crack
Pink Laurel [Edk- the g/b refers to a hold breakage long ago, btw. I followed it as recently as October - it's same-as-ever].
Hmmm. Mayve some VERY G-rated, 10a or 10-? Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

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