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#11240 - 03/06/04 02:35 PM 2004 NON - GUNKS tick list
edk Offline

Registered: 05/06/02
Posts: 441
Loc: allentown, NJ
Ranger Rob's reply to Murphyslaw's thread "2004 Gunks tick list" got me thinking about a promise I had made to myself: To do more "adventure climbing" this year. For me that means long routes with long approachs, and much peak bagging.

So here some things / places I have been kicking around getting to in no particular order:

Wallface - ADK
Something on Spiders web wall - ADK
The Presidential traverse (summer and / or winter) - Whites
As many peaks as my legs will carry me up in the ADKs -- as many trials as a long summer day has time for.
Yosemite - anything
Devils trail - Catskills
Katahdin - Cilley-Barber route (anything there really) I think if I can squeeze in a summer trip to recon the area.
Cracks - perfect my technique in the ADKs

We'll see, I know the list will morph as the season wears on and from here my eyes are bigger than my time budget, but thinking about what you want to do gets me through the day at work. I'll add and refine the list .


#11241 - 03/06/04 02:45 PM Re: 2004 NON - GUNKS tick list [Re: edk]
strat Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 04/30/01
Posts: 4242
-A snow climb in the Sierra. Probably northeast couloir on north peak.
-hike up one or two Sierra peaks.
-one or two new-to-me catskill peaks
-Mop up some of the 'orphans' that I've left in my half-hearted quest to be a 46'er, including: iroquois, armstrong, rocky peak ridge, and basin, to name a couple
-do one or two 'multi-media'* expeditions such as whiteface slide via kayak approach
-spend a night camping on an island in an adirondack lake
-the case route on wallface
-continue to woop smike's butt in # of days per ice season

*copyright 2002/2003

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#11242 - 03/06/04 10:05 PM Re: 2004 NON - GUNKS tick list [Re: strat]
RAF Offline
site supporter

Registered: 04/12/02
Posts: 793
Loc: Colorado (!)
Hey, Sam, your footnote is a hotlink to a real site-- in no way connected to me.

As with edk and strat, the Adirondacks figure prominently in my 2004 non-Gunks plans. I've been researching multimedia opportunities for kayaking to hikes and climbs in the eastern, western, and high peak sections of the Adirondacks. I'm only 7 hills away from a complete second round of the Adirondack 46 (I'd have re-finished already if I didn't keep going back to Algonquin (10x) and Marcy (10x) and several others), and I want to make progress on that. True North on Gothics, Gamesmanship at Poke-O, Pete's Farewell. Some more routes on the Barkeater cliff.

A NH tour including Rumney and Whitehorse.

Hope to get to the Sierra in September for the SE buttress of Cathedral Peak and sport climbs in Clark Canyon.

Driving to visit my mother on Cape Cod, I hope to continue my exploration of miscellaneous climbing venues in eastern CT and RI (have visited Lantern Hill, Chatfield Hollow, Lincoln Woods, Durfee Mgt. Area, etc., plenty of others out there).

In general, climb what I can, enjoy all of it, share good times with some great people, see new sights, continue doing new-to-me stuff, and rejoice every day that I'm mostly still ambulatory!

#11243 - 03/06/04 11:20 PM Re: 2004 NON - GUNKS tick list [Re: RAF]
GwenL Offline

Registered: 10/06/02
Posts: 326
Loc: Reno, NV
I don't know that I'd call it a "tick list," but we're starting to plan a trip this winter (probably July or August) to way southern Chile, near Coihaique, for some exploratory ice climbing. It's north of the Patagonian Ice Fields, at about 46.5 degrees south. Supposedly there are many good ice lines, accessible from the main roads. The altitudes aren't too high, around 2000m or less. No published climbs, no pictures of climbs, just reports from some climbers that have been in the area and said "hay cientos de cascadas congeladas." (hundreds of frozen waterfalls). We'll probably rent a small plane, weather permitting, and do some aerial recon, then climb. It'll be an adventure, if we can pull it off. In fact, it'll be an adventure even if we don't pull it off.


#11244 - 03/07/04 12:56 AM Re: 2004 NON - GUNKS tick list [Re: RAF]
Smike Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 05/01/01
Posts: 3143
Loc: in your backyard
Still working on the cold list now what do I want to do when the temps go above 32??

1. Prodigal Sun, Zion
2. Finish the University Wall, Sqaumish
3. Rock On, Squamish
4. Mental Blocks Wallface
5. Case route, Wallface (in case I forget my extra pair of shorts while looking at Metal Blocks)
6. Wiessner route on Washbowl Cliff
7. Gamesmanship, Poko
8. South Face of Gothics, ADK's
9. Keep up drinking tolerance for next ice season

#11245 - 03/07/04 11:15 PM Re: 2004 NON - GUNKS tick list [Re: Smike]
chip Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 10/06/01
Posts: 2679
Loc: Sittin' Pretty in Fat City
Red Rocks in 2 weeks. Tetons in August. Probable for a wall in the Valley in early October. Main goal is to have fun everywhere.

#11246 - 03/08/04 02:06 PM Re: 2004 NON - GUNKS tick list [Re: Smike]
Chas Offline

Registered: 03/22/01
Posts: 1754
Loc: Flagstaff
University wall is a good endeavor but pretty hard. Rock On is just good fun., and increasing your drinking tolerance..... lots of hard work.

Run a lap on the Rostrum in a few weeks, and then go back in May/June and run a couple laps on it in a day (if the Peregrine Falcon closure doesn't occur this year).

Do Astro-Boy and then maybe AstroMan.

Positive Vibrations on Incrediable Hulk in the Sierras (w/ the right hand start) - Anybody in the Sierras who is comfortable on 5.10 I would highly recommend Red Dihedral on the Incrediable Hulk. It has some of the best rock I've seen in the entire range so far.

Start working Desert Gold in Red Rocks.

Make a couple trips to the Gunks to chill with friends.

#11247 - 03/08/04 10:11 PM Re: 2004 NON - GUNKS tick list [Re: edk]
GOclimb Offline

Registered: 03/26/01
Posts: 2362
Loc: Boston
Desert sandstone before it gets too hot.
Moby Grape on Cannon.
Airation on Cathedral.


#11248 - 03/12/04 06:01 PM Re: 2004 NON - GUNKS tick list [Re: edk]
chazman Offline
old hand

Registered: 02/07/02
Posts: 944
East Buttress of El Cap... if Lester can break away from the moving and shaking life in Hollywood

#11249 - 03/12/04 06:15 PM Re: 2004 NON - GUNKS tick list [Re: Chas]
phlan Offline

Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 02/11/00
Posts: 2778
Loc: Gardiner, NY
What's Desert Gold in Red Rocks??? Hmmm, I'm interested.

Anything else interesting in Red Rocks.

Fuzzy Undercling in the Red River Gorge.
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