The Pennsylvania Alliance of Climbers was born in the Harrisburg area, and for the past three years it has remained there. However, we were formed with a vision of organizing and networking climbers from across the state to share information, pool resources, and preserve climbing access. The time has arrived to make that dream a reality!

We are seeking climber representatives from around the state to monitor climbing access and increase the presence of the PAC. While volunteering as a regional representative is not a huge time commitment, we are looking for folks who really are motivated to do something! Some ideas for things you may be motivated to do are:
    Monitor the access to climbing areas in your region. Identify sites where access is in danger or where access may be able to be secured.
    Develop a relationship with land owners and managers to give climbers a voice in policy decisions made in the future.
    Educate the climbing public concerning the ethics of your area and locations of access-friendly crags.
    Organize a small group of climbers in your area to help with your efforts and hold occasional meetings to build unity.
    Plan occasional events such as crag clean-ups, slide shows, fund raisers, or social gatherings.
    Communicate with PAC central here in Harrisburg concerning the happenings in your area.

Interested? Excellent! Simply send a brief email to outlining your climbing and organizational experience, your vision for your role in the PAC, and the region (climbing areas) that you are interested in representing. Applications will be considered as they arrive!


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