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#11766 - 04/27/04 07:13 PM Adirondack Day Hike Suggestions
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I'm headed up to the 'Daks this weekend with my girlfriend to basically veg out, catch up on some rest and unwind. Those of you who read AAG might remember that my girlfriend's house burned to the ground back in the middle of March. So we're looking for a nice quiet weekend to recharge our batteries and to spend some time outdoors.

I want to take a hike or two, and wondered if you folks have any favorite hikes that have some good views, aren't incredibly strenuous, and take maybe 4 - 7 hours, roundtrip.


evan marks
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#11767 - 04/27/04 07:34 PM Re: Adirondack Day Hike Suggestions [Re: webmaster]
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strat suggested Algonquin to me, and i will pass the suggestion on to you.

easy hike, with a fun slab section near the end.
4 miles each way.

on a nice day the view is probably spectacular.
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#11768 - 04/28/04 12:55 PM Re: Adirondack Day Hike Suggestions [Re: empicard]
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Noonmark Mt. in Keene Its about 3 - 4 hours (round trip) if you rush or longer if you take your time and enjoy. It has tremendous views along the way and up top. Also sports a nice 90' crag at the summit. (if she's willing to belay )

#11769 - 04/28/04 02:12 PM Re: Adirondack Day Hike Suggestions [Re: Smike]
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Big Slide out of Keene Valley is probably 4 miles each way and has fantastic veiws of the great range across JBValley.

I second Algonquin. Stunning Mountain, though perhaps a tad bit of a workout to get up it! I must say that I've always been partial to Colden, sandwiched between Marcy and Algonquin, it affords great views of Algonquin and Avalanche Mountain and Pass from above (you can see how much of a cleave it is).

Really easy is Avalanche Pass to Avalanche Lake from Marcy Dam/Loj. Fantastic views at Avalanche Lake of rock walls going straight up out of the lake. Also amazing is the up-close view of what a slide can produce (in the pass). And one of the more beautiful low-land lunch spots around at the lake!!

PM if you want trailhead directions, trails, etc.


#11770 - 04/28/04 08:23 PM Re: Adirondack Day Hike Suggestions [Re: webmaster]
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Strat reccomended Cascade and Porter to me a couple years ago and I'm glad I took his advice. The climb was quite moderate and the views from the top were awesome! The last few hundred feet of climbing is all open rock offering a complete unobstructed 360 degree view.


p.s. Evan, Do Cascade. If you're both not awestruck I'll pay for your weekend trip!
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#11771 - 04/30/04 02:51 PM Re: Adirondack Day Hike Suggestions [Re: webmaster]
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The suggestions that everyone has offered are good ones but they will be very crowded, particularly cascade and porter. But, if I may offer one or two more.

1) Hurricane Mountain (this may have crowds on it too)
2) Ampersand Mountain (outside of saranac lake, this will not be as crowded but is just as nice as cascade is)

I tried to come up with another low-land hike, but, I just can't beat Joe Kayak's Avy Pass suggestion.

Stop in for a beer/glass of wine/shot of jameson, all of the above, some of the above if you find yourself in Keene Valley, I'll be there in about 6 hours!

#11772 - 09/10/04 07:48 PM Re: Adirondack Day Hike Suggestions [Re: strat]
Fraser Offline
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These are all good - would you recommend any of these for overnight trips with wife and kid?

(We camped at Little Yosemite and hiked most of the way up and down Half Dome so I'm not too concerned about the mileages here more the destinations as far as camping goes.)


#11773 - 09/10/04 08:17 PM Re: Adirondack Day Hike Suggestions [Re: Fraser]
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I just came back from a week backpacking in the Daks. It has rained there almost daily for most of the summer. The mud factor is absolutely unbelievable, at any elevation. Hikers, trying to avoid the mud, are ruining the trails by enlarging them, creating more erosion to the already poor topsoil condition, thus contribution to the mud problem, present or futur...

This said, I would recommend the least travelled trails, south of 28N, and to try avoiding the High Peaks region or any 46er for that matter at all costs.
Also, bears in some areas have become quite a nuisance, and putting your food cache up high (at least 10 feet up and 5 feet from any other branches) will be helpful.

As far as a day hike goes, try to do the Owls Head. I did it when my kids where quite small (4 & 8) and they loved it.

For seasoned adults, Rocky Ridge Peak next to Giant, is supposively really amazing, as you walk on a treeless ridge with views all around you.

I also recommend browsing this Adirondak Peaks Discussion Forum for info.


#11774 - 09/10/04 10:32 PM Re: Adirondack Day Hike Suggestions [Re: Mim]
strat Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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New recommendations:
1) Treadway Mountain. 8 miles round trip, not alot of elevation change, for the first two miles you are in the constant companionship of streams, ponds, and bogs. The second two miles is a very unique hike for the adirondacks, something akin to walking on the Millbrook Ridge only nicer views than the Hudson Valley.
2) For rainy days, Crowfoot Pond, 6 miles round trip, pleasant woods walking to a nice pond.

I respectfully disagree with your recommendation to avoid the high peaks region to avoid soil erosion. The fact of the matter is that the most heavily travelled high peaks like: Cascade, Porter, Giant from any direction, Alqonguin, Wright, Marcy, Big Slide are on trails that are 10 and even sometimes 20 feet wide. These trails also get a high amount of maintenance and are increasingly engineered for erosion control. To suggest the avoidance of these peaks does a dis-service to people asking for recommendations for enjoyable and responsible hiking.

Do you care to offer any specific recommendation south of 28N? Snowy Mountain is superb. Blue Mountain is nice. Blue Ledges on Hudson is nice. Vanderwacker Mountain is Nice. Goodnow Mountain is nice. These last three are on route 28N. Watch Hill over Indian Lake is pleasant albeit far too short. Wakely Mountain is very nice.

Fraser, Avalanche Pass that JK recommended is appropriate for family overnighter as is Treadway Mountain. The rest are more or less day hikes that don't lend themselves too well to overnighting.

#11775 - 09/13/04 02:51 PM Re: Adirondack Day Hike Suggestions [Re: strat]
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... Watch Hill over Indian Lake is pleasant albeit far too short ...

i love watch hill in the heat of the summer -- if you go down the other side there is a beautifully lonely sandy beach on indian lake -- it might be too chilly now for skinny dipping though ...

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