Can anyone make sense of where the Best Things in LIfe Aren't Free goes. I believe that it is the very first horn when you are about 10 feet out the twighlight zone traverse. Where does it go from here to get through the next big roof system? I assume there can't be anyhing up there that is A4, way to much air, not enough stuff to hit. I am also guessing that now adays probably don't need blades, bashies, rurps, beaks etc. Does this route go now with modern non-hammering gear.

What is the second horn that is another 10 feet further along the traverse line? Is this The Zone. It appears to be somewhat above the bolt on the first pitch of the zone. I also quite confused as to where this route goes from here. I am guessing it does not follow the twilight zone crux but continues straight up (second horn) through the twilight traverse line and goes through the large roof above. Was wondering if anyone has aided this second/last pitch (not the runnout pitch) either without doing much substantial free climbing.. (I know it is 5.13-G).

If I do figure it all out, I will leave a note.