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#13256 - 10/12/04 01:23 PM I'll bet your Bippie
Bryan Offline

Registered: 10/12/04
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So, this climb(down pas Sundance at the trapps) should be done with EXTREME caution. Above and to the right of the crux roof are two very large, VERY loose boulders(the size of two large TV's) that could come down at any time. I discovered this after my body weight nearly sent both boulders plumeting downward. The adventure wasn't done yet though. After sneaking around the loose boulders I gladley reached the top, set up a BOMBER anchor, and belayed my second up. After she reached the anchor, she noticed a baby copperhead snake coiled up ready to strike, about three inches from her face! She gave the pup some room and we began to wait it out, since the snake was two feet above our rap anchor. After about a minute, I nervously looked to my left, and saw pile of about a half dozen other baby snakes. We were between them! Where was mommy?! So we took our chances with one baby copperhead and set up our rap anchor and rappelled down togethor. Very glad to be on the ground.
So a question. Does anyone know the behavior patterns of copperheads? It might be nice to know how long those baby's will be up there, so future parties can be prepared.(of not do that climb all togethor)

#13257 - 10/12/04 04:47 PM Re: I'll bet your Bippie [Re: Bryan]
jtuscanes Offline

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what climb is this?

#13258 - 10/12/04 05:17 PM Re: I'll bet your Bippie [Re: Bryan]
rickcee Offline

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You might have been a bit lucky here - from what I understand :
one copperhead bite is go to hospital irritating, but not 'serious' , unless yer havin a bad day and several get ya . . . say reachin over a ledge, into a nest.
and, baby snakes have fully developed poison.

#13259 - 10/12/04 06:01 PM Re: I'll bet your Bippie [Re: rickcee]
quanto_the_mad Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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and, baby snakes have fully developed poison.

Baby snakes can have more potent poison than adults, and baby snakes also have less control over how much they inject than adults, and thus may inject all their venom in one bite. Adult snakes vary the amount of poison injected depending on if it's a predatory or defensive strike, what they're biting, and how many times they've bitten.

Most snakes around here carry hemotoxins; if you've been injected you'll know pretty quickly from the burning pain. Other snakes, like the Mohave rattlesnake and coral snake, carry neurotoxins, which you might not feel for several hours; after which paralysis might set in so quickly you won't have time to get to a doctor.

In either case, it's best to get to a hospital as quickly as possible, even if you think no venom has been injected.

Oh yeah, and if you're susceptible to anaphylactic shock, let your partner and the rescue crew know since antivenom can induce it.

Oh yeah, forgot to add; I saw a baby copperhead Sunday at PK, he looked so cute but it was so cold I don't think he was going to move too far or too fast. I think generally he'd have slithered away.

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