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#13465 - 10/29/04 04:56 PM Trap Dike
Dominic Offline

Registered: 11/01/01
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Loc: Troy NY
I not really a trail runer. I ran cross country back in high school (many moons ago), but mostly consider myself more of a climber now. However I am one of those climbers that will walk 6 miles back into the woods hoping to find a new piece of rock etc.

So this week I was looking for a little adventure, I decided to go do the trap dike up on mt colden as fast as i could. Only a couple of problems.

1. I have never done the trap dike before
2. I havent run in 6 years
3. I get out of class at noon (in troy)

Regardless I sped up the northway, and hopped out of my car at south meadows and onto the truck trail to marcy dam at exactl 2:20. Feeling great I work into a casual mile eating jog, for exactly .5 a mile. I realize quite quickly that my running days are long past and slow to a "mile eating" walk.

Despite my lack of running skills the hike goes quickly and soon I am at the base of the trap dike (about 5.5 miles in)
The dike ends up being the easiest part of the hike as the climbing isnt that difficult, and my body is more accustomed to this sort of activity. It was started to ice up in many spots, so being forced onto more difficult (but dry) rock spices it up even more.

I think i actually managed the correct exit to the dike, and after a few dynos across ice sheets to frozen grass clumps on the slab, i reach a dry patch which looks to go right to the summit. Now i have looked at trap dike for a long time, and i guess i just never realized that when you emerge from the dike you are only about halfway to the summit. In any case the slide climbing was really really fun (tons of cool weathered pockets in the anorthosite) but totally slaughtered me. Ill have to do more of this i the future.

I had indeed chosen the right line, and top out directly at the summit block. I had hoped to reach the summit by dark and then just do the rest in the nite, but as i got to the summit i estimated i still had a good hour and a half before sundown. I had been moving faster than i thought. One more glance around at the stunning scenery on the top of my colden then head down the trail to lake arnold and back to avalanche camps. As a footnote this trail is not really recommended. It may be the shortest mileage wise up colden but didnt really find it that appealing. By marcy dam it was defiently sundown, but i pressed on. The last mile especially was pretty tough, but got to my car at last. Checked the time, 6:46. I had been hoping for 5 hours and that was with runing, so the 4:26 time really impressed me.

Im not really big into numbers but it was fun to push myself towards a goal. I think the biggest keys to this were, to keep moving (i stopped for a total of about 5 or 6 minutes the whole trip), and to not let up on the downhills. I boulder hopped from the summit of colden down the three miles to avalanche camps in about 40 minutes.

Anyone else ever done anything like this in the mountains? What other loops are fun (long, and with some bit of technical stuff in the middle) might have to learn to run again and try this one again sometime.

Man i love the dacks.

#13466 - 10/30/04 06:20 PM what to do after Trap Dike [Re: Dominic]
Mike Rawdon Offline

Carpal Tunnel

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Loc: Poughkeepsie
Hey Strat - you're no longer the record holder (of the g.c world at least) for this trip!

As for what to do next, may I suggest my fave: Big Slide Mt including the technical climbing at the summit. About 3.9 miles to get to the rock, then climb either Slide Rules 5.7 R or Freudian Slip 5.8/8+ PG for 3 pitches to the shrubs below the summit lunch ledge. F. SLip is the preferred route, both because it is the better line (straighter, more continuous climbing) but because all you need are 7 draws. (Slide Rules is usually done with even less gear than that, but for totally different reasons ) The views on the trail are great so don't do this at night. I'd be happy to share more beta if youi're interested.

#13467 - 11/01/04 10:55 PM Re: what to do after Trap Dike [Re: Mike Rawdon]
Dominic Offline

Registered: 11/01/01
Posts: 68
Loc: Troy NY
I actually ended up trying Freudian Slip as a part of my dacks marathon a month ago or so. We had gotten there at dusk though, and so we climbed the first pitch in the dark, and then rapped off. Definetly still on the list for a complete send sometime soon.


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