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#13728 - 12/03/04 07:11 PM Looking for a snowboard
Mim Offline
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I am looking to buy a used snowboard and boots (10.5) for my 14 year old son (5'4"). Unfortunately, I don't know anything about those boards...
If you have some brands to recommend, attributes, anything, I would be very grateful.



#13729 - 12/03/04 09:54 PM Re: Looking for a snowboard [Re: Mim]
CrackBoy Offline

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i have a palmer that i really like, but i doubt youll be able to find one used.

i would ask zachres, he knows a lot about this sort of thing, but he might get you to buy him a split board.
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#13730 - 12/03/04 10:07 PM Re: Looking for a snowboard [Re: CrackBoy]
sohwhat Offline

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i have a burton and an airwalk, and like the airwalk much better, but that has more to do with the specific model and size than the brand. but the nicest board i ever rode was an m3. too expensive, though. boots also depend on his foot shape.

i'm 5'5", 115lb and ride a 153 on the mountain and a 149 in the park. ah! that means i'm probably the size of a 14 year old boy. anyways, your son could probably be pretty comfortable with a similar sized board.

but you'd have to say if your son was a beginner or advanced, if he liked the park, trees, carving, backcountry, etc to get a better recommendation.

you can get a great deal on used boards if you hang out at a ski resort the day before the employees are paid (or the day before the drug dealer comes). that's how i got both of my boards. people are desperate for money and will unload gear at great prices.

#13731 - 12/03/04 11:11 PM Re: Looking for a snowboard [Re: sohwhat]
zachres Offline

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What type of experience level does he have?

If he's a beginner, I would reccomend renting for a year or so and demoing boards.. It may cost a little more, but in the long run, he will be happier.

There are boards for all types of experience levels and styles.

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#13732 - 12/03/04 11:14 PM Re: Looking for a snowboard [Re: zachres]
oenophore Offline
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Another thing: at age 14, one's body is growing at top speed. That lad will be bigger in a year.

(I find Sohwhat's last paragraph above hilarious.)

#13733 - 12/05/04 01:18 AM Re: Looking for a snowboard [Re: oenophore]
Aya Offline
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If he's just a beginner and you're just looking for something cheap, I've got an old (about 6 years, seeing light (3-4 days) use in probably 4 of those 6 years) board that I would be happy to sell you for ehhh basically nothing - PM me if you're interested. It's a Flite board, quite flexy, turns really quick, somewhere between 145-150 cm (I don't remember but it seems about that height) - if he's not a very heavy 14 year old it would probably do just fine for learning on; it's probably going to end up being about the right length and softness. No bindings on it but it's got some great Animaniacs designs that I drew myself

Of course if he's 14 maybe he won't be interested; it's an old board and I know when I was 14 I always hated getting used stuff
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#13734 - 12/06/04 05:00 PM Re: Looking for a snowboard [Re: Mim]
stimpy Offline
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Iv'e been looking on e-bay and you can pick up a new older board (2002-2003) pretty cheap. I'm partial to Oxygen (made by Atomic) and Arbor (too expensive for something he'll grow out of quick). I think length is determined more by weight than height. If he wants to play in the terrain park get him a freestyle board. If he wants to ride the whole mountain, get a directional (freeride, all mountain) board that has stiffer flex in the tail than the nose. It's better for carving turns.
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#13735 - 12/10/04 06:06 PM Re: Looking for a snowboard [Re: stimpy]
Mim Offline
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Thanks y'all for your comments and recommendations!


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