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#16137 - 09/08/05 01:15 PM Camelbak M.U.L.E.
d-elvis Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Anyone using this model? Thoughts? grips? concerns? praises?
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#16138 - 09/08/05 03:48 PM Re: Camelbak M.U.L.E. [Re: d-elvis]
JoeKayak Offline
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What will you use it for primarily?

I have the Camelbak Alterra for running, the Blowfish for distance cycling/14er bagging (or whatever I'll need more clothes/food) and an old Blackburn Hydrapak for kayaking. They hold 24, 100 and 70 ounces, respectively. If I recall, the MULE had a larger pack capacity and 100 ounces and I felt that a normal daypack with a hydradtion sleeve would be better than getting a Camelbak as big as a daypack.

#16139 - 09/08/05 03:53 PM Re: Camelbak M.U.L.E. [Re: d-elvis]
Kevin Offline

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I have used this a lot the past few months, riding a few long organized rides with it, some MTB'ing, long training rides and the like. I have stuffed a windbreaker in it, a full 100oz bladder, a small tool kit, small first aid kit, power bars, a few misc items and it did not feel that it was a real burden at all. It carried well for me, sat fairly high on my back, held everything I needed. I did like the small mesh pocket on the outside, held things like sweaty gloves or bandanas, and the mesh lined pocket is nice for tools; there are mesh compartments there that help organize small objects, and just keep them in place.

My one gripe was that the sternum strap and how it is attached to the shoulder straps, for whatever reason, it kept undoing itself from the shoulder straps. It attaches with a buckle that is slid onto a piece of webbing that is on the straps It is was quite annoying, I almost lost it many times.

Over all, I would buy this pack, I actually mooched the one I used for almost six months from a buddy of mine. The other bag I have been debating about getting as a replacement for the M.U.L.E. is the Black Diamond Bullet. Another friend I ride with uses this one, and really loves it. It holds 2x more then the M.U.L.E. , but sits about the same on your back, holds a comperable sized hydration bladder too.

#16140 - 09/08/05 04:34 PM Re: Camelbak M.U.L.E. [Re: d-elvis]
fotovult Online   content

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I like mine - was hesitant to go to 100oz model, but it is still pretty light. Good for long day rides, and can be had pretty cheap:

Durable, and you can fill halfway for shorter rides etc. Good for hiking too, and the bladder does double duty in the winter in my Dakine pack

#16141 - 09/08/05 04:54 PM Re: Camelbak M.U.L.E. [Re: Kevin]
MurphysLaw Offline

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The work-around for that sternum strap problem is to use a small zip-tie, and that keeps the small buckles that attach it to the shoulder straps from coming off. It was a PIA prior to my fixing that.

Otherwise, this is a perfect size, do-all pack for anything up to epic rides (no need to fill the bladder the full 100 oz for shorter stuff, but nice to max it out for longer duration useage. Any bigger and you'd be tempted to carry more crap w/ you.

$50 for a closeout is a steal for this thing. The 100 oz. replacment bladder alone retails for like $30.
I think the cheapest I've seen '05 models for is $65 on sale.

The internal organizer pockets keep yer tools from ratting around (believe me, this is a major benefit), which also serves to keep them from poking holes in the spare tube(s) you carry in there too.

I had the original Camelbak way back in the day, then upgraded to the original MULE when it first came out, then got another one once that wore out, and if/when this one gives up the ghost, I'll get another one. My wife has one too.
I've used it on century rides, 5+ hr epic mtb rides, 3-6 hr AR's, trail running; it is just such a great all around piece of equipment.
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#16142 - 09/08/05 07:47 PM Re: Camelbak M.U.L.E. [Re: MurphysLaw]
Julie Offline

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I had an original HAWG when it first came out. My only complaint about it would have been that the structure of it - strap attachment points, padding - was insufficient for the carrying capacity - ie, if you fill it up with 100 oz + a pack of junk, it didn't carry well at ALL. The newer generations have really improved in that aspect, though. And almost all of the bladders now have the widemouth opening (ice cubes!).

I picked up a MULE last spring on closeout at REI. It has really nice compression when the pack isn't full.

My $0.02 would be - don't bother with anything less than 100 oz., but any of the 100 oz'ers will be fine. And $50 is a screamer.

#16143 - 09/09/05 12:44 PM Re: Camelbak M.U.L.E. [Re: Julie]
d-elvis Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 04/26/00
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$49.99 for '04 M.U.L.E. plus free shipping (and takes Paypal)
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