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#17770 - 01/19/06 05:35 PM Re: ALIEN FAILURE [Re: quanto_the_mad]
D75 Offline

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Fearing lawsuits more than death... Just a bit ironic and sad.

#17771 - 01/19/06 06:15 PM Re: ALIEN FAILURE [Re: D75]
quanto_the_mad Offline
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Why? I'm not afraid of death, I've been as close as you can get without having to be resuscitated, and I've accepted it. Which is why I don't mind being out in the back country solo.

Dealing with the death of someone that could have been avoided is something else. Paying for the rest of your life when you get sued for it, well, that's a lot more painful than dying. Dyin' is easy.

#17772 - 01/19/06 08:47 PM Re: ALIEN FAILURE [Re: rg@ofmc]
GOclimb Offline

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so i guess no one here wouldve been a bad ass pioneer back in the day... when people had homemade gear, or ropes and pitons that only sometimes didnt break, or some whackass ice hammer that some weird guys in california made in their garage, or russian ti screws, or cams put together with machine screws and a prayer......

It is one thing to use gear that isn't rated and quite another to use gear that is rated but doesn't perform at the indicated rating. In the first case you know you are dealing with something whose reliability is unknown, but in the second case you have certain expectations that inform your judgements. I have used both types of gear, but I didn't climb the same way with them. It is one thing to choose to be a bad-ass pioneer, and quite another to find out after your ass is broken that you were one.

I hear what you guys are saying, and agree to a degree, but when it really comes down to it, I'd rather trust a theoretical modern QC department *and* a real live, do-it-myself, good hard bounce test on all my gear with moving parts and unseeable brazes from now on. And no, I'm not particularly upset about that fact. It'll take a tiny amount of time, and it's actually common sense now that I think of it. I'm actually pleased that CCH's fuck-up happened, and no-one got hurt. To my mind, it's a valuable wakeup call, causing me to re-think where my trust is placed. But it's your life - put trust wherever you like.


#17773 - 01/20/06 10:11 PM Re: ALIEN FAILURE [Re: GOclimb]
talus Offline

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