Skiing the last 5 days pretty much non stop up here has been out of this world.
Gear required: Skis (preferably fast ones) or snowshoes, and Beer
Also required: Cuban cigar, to bribe Phil
Accomodations: Team Phlan HQ
Cost: almost nothing but your sanity.
Fun: Unlimited
Beta required: Just Ski
Team Phlan did a joint ski/snowshoe recon of the carriage road on Monday. Conditions were near whiteout. Only two other cars in the lot which was only plowed for the first few yards. I was late meeting Phil and skied out to catch up only to find him snow shoeing back to the car.
Me: You Weenie! Lets Go!
Phil: Oh, it's snowing too hard!
Wind whipping around our faces and snow blinding us. Phil is wearing his trade mark glacier goggles. I look at him and think, oh well, this is going to require a bribe.
Me: Come on, I have Cuban cigars, when we get back we'll have tons of beer and smoke 'em.
Phil: All right. Twist my arm.
So we proceed, down the carriage road apiece for a little while until the weather gets truly ridiculous. The cliffs are completely covered with snow. I can only just restrain Phil from soloing Bunny. The wind and driven snow sting us until we have to turn around. The Undercliff has been rolled but snow is accumulating so fast that it feels like a silken magic carpet beneath my Karhus. Shhooshh!! There is no view of the valley or even the road below. It truly feels like mountains and not like the Gunks we are used to. I do a first ski descent (at least I think) of the stone steps at the steel bridge.
Back at the parking lot, we gratefully see a plow go by on 44/55 and throw our stuff in the cars, head to Gardiner to buy supplies and celebrate our little adventure. Wow, we have lived to tell this heinous tale.
Team Phlan (Phil and Chris!)
By the way, Phlan is spelled with an umlaut but I haven't figured out how to do it on the typing here.
P.S. mass quantities of liquid bread were consumed upon our arrival back at HQ, and we almost choked on those cigars.

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