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#18944 - 03/30/06 03:28 PM Re: Rapping off of Spectra Slings? [Re: learningtolead]
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Do it do it if you think your life is worth $5.00

What should I do if my life isn't worth that much? I put it up on ebay but only got offered 52 cents and my minimum price was $1

do some good deeds like helping an old lady cross the street or putting leashes on a strangers dog that is running around wild, digging holes at the crag. that's bonifide way to up your net value. also stop glueing quaters to ground & laughing at people that try to pick them up.
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#18945 - 03/30/06 04:10 PM Re: Rapping off of Spectra Slings? [Re: MurphysLaw]
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She's a perfectly good token chick climber girl, I'd bid at least $7.50 for onea those, assuming it was in reasonably good condition, relatively low wear, etc.

If she was 'vintage' she'd probably fetch closer to $10

Maybe that's my problem... I should have said "vintage" instead of "used." Or maybe I should just cut to the chase and say experienced

But my divorce is finally finished and final today so I think my value should definately rise

#18946 - 03/30/06 08:05 PM Re: Rapping off of Spectra Slings? [Re: nerdom]
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My recollection is that Freedom of the Hills lists rapping through nylon slings as standard procedure. True, the melting point of Spectra is lower than tubular webbing, but if the rope remains stationary (i.e, you rap slowly and carefully), the risk is probably (I said PROBABLY) not too great. I have heard of people top-roping off this set-up (doing so ignorantly after someone else had rappelled), and cutting through. Of course, I'd never use such a sling again after pulling the rope through it! But really, we're generally talking about a situation that would only likely occur when bailing off a long alpine route, right?

Not necessarily.

IIRC, the "Texas Rope Trick" is used by some climbers to rappel off of hanger bolts - that ordinarly are very rappel-unfriendly - without leaving any gear. Perhaps they use nylon slings, but I personally know of a few that use spectra slings; not the Floss, but the standard spectra slings.

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