Hey Folks,

An issue presents here in NJ and w/ climbing access in the North Jersey Highlands. The New Jersey State Highlands Council is drafting a regional master plan and seam presents.

Access NJ would like to make sure that climbing access is not jeopardized by the formation of the management plan and hopefully that climbing will be offically recognized as a recreational activity in the Highlands. Climbing has been ongoing in the Highlands since the early 1950's, if not sooner. Climbers assist the State Parks of the highlands Adopt a Crags (so continue to sign the yearly waviers). Climbers are stewards of some of the most fragile areas of the Highlands. A comprehensive resource inventory of NJ's climbing areas has been presented to the Highlands Council and the State Park Service among others. If anyone wants a copy drop me an e-mail.

The Highlands Council is working on a report for the plan that includes recreation in the Highlands. Examples and information you have about stewardship activities of recreation user groups on public lands would be helpful.

Please send an e-mail, letter or fax to the Highlands Council saying you support the offical recognition of climbing in the North Jersey and Southern NY State Highlands.

100 North Road(Route 513)
Chester, New Jersey 07930
(908) 879-6737
Fax: (908) 879 4205


If climbing is recognized in the Highlands Master Use Plan then it will make it easier to gain access to climbing sites in other parts of NJ, including and not limited to Hunterdon County, Cradle Rock (w/ limits), Morris County Parks and elsewhere in NJ.

Spread de word. The more people the merrier.

Be glad to address any questions.

John Anderson
Access NJ