The Access Fund and the GCC are excited to announce that there is a new cooperative affiliate membership program for climbers involved in the Gunks Climbers' Coalition who are Access Fund members. We urge new and renewing members to try this method of signing up. If you have any problems with it you can sign up for membership in the old way, via PayPal, on our web site.

We are currently revamping our bylaws, in order to streamline our membership process since we have become an affiliate of the Access Fund. By involving members and potential members of the Access Fund in our mailing list and communications we hope to strengthen our mission and goals.

As part of our on-going commitment to a strengthened and unified climbing community, the Access Fund is continually striving to support our efforts at the local level. Through the end of April, for every climber associated with the Gunks Climbers' Coalition who renews or joins the Access Fund, a portion of his or her donation is given directly to the Gunks Climbers' Coalition.

How it works:

Anyone involved with the Gunks Climbers' Coalition can go to this special URL to join the Access Fund:

Through the end of April, current Access Fund members can renew their membership or contribute an additional donation. For climbers new to the Access Fund, we are offering a special introductory rate of $10.00 only available during the membership drive through the end of April.

The Gunks Climbers' Coalition will receive $5 for every person who signs up through this membership drive and selects the Gunks Climbers' Coalition as their LCO giving an immediate local benefit. In the long run, the more members the Access Fund has the more support we can offer at the local level.

Together, we are making a difference in keeping climbing areas open and conserving the climbing environment on the national, regional, and local level. Please join us in this effort to further strengthen the climbing community and the collective voice of climbers across the United States.

Please don’t hesitate to contact either or the national Access Fund membership director Kerry Cowan ( or 303-545-6772 x106) with any questions about this offer.
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