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#21317 - 06/01/06 08:22 PM SteriPEN
d-elvis Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Does this replace a good filter? Anyone tried one?

SteriPEN™ is the only portable water purifier that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy waterborne microbes.
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#21318 - 06/01/06 09:06 PM Re: SteriPEN [Re: d-elvis]
quanto_the_mad Offline
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Might be nice if you've got clean running water. I'd rather have a filter if I'm pulling water out of murky ponds or dirty puddles.

#21319 - 06/02/06 11:18 AM Re: SteriPEN [Re: d-elvis]
oenophore Offline
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From the website:

SteriPEN™ has been shown to destroy in excess of 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.9% protozoa.

Isn't that tiny fraction of a percent all it takes to lay one low?

#21320 - 06/02/06 12:36 PM Re: SteriPEN [Re: oenophore]
Dillbag Offline
old hand

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From the website:

SteriPEN™ has been shown to destroy in excess of 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.9% protozoa.

Isn't that tiny fraction of a percent all it takes to lay one low?

Yes, that is a tiny fraction... but if you look at industry standards, most filters and purifiers have similar if not less impressive standards.
Especially filters, as they cannot as easily remove viruses from the water, this is why many filter manufacturers recommend a further treatment after filtration with a halogen (chlorine or iodine).

UV has been used for many years in laboratory settings for getting ultra-pure water (HPLC/UV Grade) for use with sensitive equipment.

The main problems with the SterPEN as I see it are:
It is battery operated, batteries die... and carrying extra can be a pain.
It is not effective with cloudy water as the large particles block the UV.
Is it effective against cryptosporidia (a hardshelled protozoan cyst which is tough to kill, iodine doesn't even kill)

There are other purifiers out there like the MSR MIOX which I think Strat has...

But really... do you need another filtration/purification system D?
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#21321 - 06/02/06 12:44 PM Re: SteriPEN [Re: Dillbag]
strat Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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The MSR MIOX operates on a battery also. It also requires that you have a supply of rock salt with you and that you have test strips with you. It's pretty cool technology and light weight, but, not perfect.

If I had my choice- I would choose the UV device over the MIOX device. Where I do my outdoor activities, there is an abundance of flowing water, so, cloudy water isn't too much of a concern. The UV Device will add no flavor to the water. The MIOX device adds an oxidant to the water, which also adds a flavor. True, the flavor is not as intense as an iodeene pill but, it's there.

#21322 - 06/02/06 01:45 PM Re: SteriPEN [Re: strat]
Chas Offline

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When I was in the Himalayas in the Fall, a couple of guys from Colorado that I met (Kurt and Colby) had one. It works well from protecting you from viral or bacterial water borne transmissions. The light went on for a certain period of time. You stirred it around in the container and then when the light went out the water was "safe". Yes, battery powered but for a month of continual use for both of them I think they changed the battery once.

Myself, I used two things, I have a water bottle with a iodine cartridge that sits in the water (required to get the exposure required to kil virial sources) and then a carbon filter and then a filter. I also had a water filter I used for acquiring water in basecamp for cooking. I had no problem myself, but I figure the advantages for the various systems

UV source:
1- very effective at destroying both viral, bacterial and protezeon and ameobic sources (my tech uses the same idea to sterilize her biological hood in lab)
2- doesn't remove fecal matter (an issue in areas like Nepal or Peru where yaks or cows often contaminate water sources) or heavy metals

1- removes bacterial or cellular sources
2- doesn't remove viral sources
3- systems with carbon pre-treatment systems can remove organic matter and some metals

(few true purifiers are on the market since the iodide cartridge needs to be in contact with the water for extended period of times
-addresses all issues listed above

iodine tablets
1- kills bacteria and virial sources well when used correctly
2- takes 30minutes to act (water is not immediately available)
3- doesn't remove organic contaminates
4-periods of extended use can be hard on the thyroid gland
5-light weight and compact

just a few of my opinions

#21323 - 06/02/06 02:49 PM Just drink it [Re: Chas]
D75 Offline

Registered: 03/18/05
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Loc: Holiday Inn Express
If you aren't neurotic...

You could just drink most any water that is flowing and is far enough from some publicly provided water. It is, after all, being exposed to UV several hours per day. It has usually been filtered by soil.

You body has very sophisticated systems to keep you healthy. No, one bacterium probably won't be enough. Fill up when you can, but only if you must. Empty, and fill at the next one.

Sure, there are things that could infect you in some water supplies. What are the odds? If natural water were really dangerous, we wouldn't be here. You dog or cat drinks out of any puddle.

Alternatively, stay home. Watch TV. Die slowly.

#21324 - 06/02/06 03:04 PM Re: Just drink it [Re: D75]
dalguard Offline

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Possibly true in the US. Not so true out of the US.

#21325 - 06/02/06 03:08 PM Re: Just drink it [Re: dalguard]
D75 Offline

Registered: 03/18/05
Posts: 293
Loc: Holiday Inn Express
LOL. Then how come there a billion people in China and 800 million in India?

Some countries may not have good water quality near population centers, but away from civilization, the sun still shines and soil still filters.

#21326 - 06/02/06 03:17 PM Re: Just drink it [Re: D75]
crackers Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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...lots of amoebic dysentery too. I just love it when the shit is coming out of your ass so hard that it blows your intestines out with it. It's really cool to watch kids and old people dying from dysentery.

not. whatever, filter the water and save yourself some trouble.

i'd recommed D75 to actually go for a trip. Outside of civilization, the water tends to be of much worse quality.

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