News Bulletin GCC June 6, 2006

Welcome to our “Rainy Early Summer” News Bulletin. When will the rains end so we can go climbing? (For the answer maybe we should all go see the new Al Gore movie, “The Inconvenient Truth.”) Now the icing on the cake: today is Devil Day! How special!

The Rosendale event in the Widow Jane Mine in late May was outstanding and we had a huge crowd. The Dosage videos were inspiring and the music was awesome. The venue was super cool. Anyone who did not make it to Rosendale Rocks really missed out. We hope to do something like this again some time. We are looking at a potential land acquisition here to acquire 50 acres of prime bouldering area and this was our event at going prime time with this high profile project. We are accepting donations (via Pay Pal, on our web site and these will potentially be used to acquire this parcel down the road. Big Up Productions will soon be listed on our web site as one of our sponsors ( Many thanks go out to Josh and Brett Lowell who produced the event, the Widow Jane Mine and the Century House Historical Society, as well as our Director at Large Chris Spatz who brought the whole thing into being. Negotiations with the Town of Rosendale as well as other entities on the ridge are continuing.

The GCC remains in discussion with Minnewaska State Park officials to expand climbing opportunities in the Park. Any expansion will require establishing a backcountry Search & Rescue team, which guide Marty Molitoris of Alpine Endeavors has started to organize along with other local climbers; this will eventually become its own stand alone organization.

Preliminary also to expanded Minnewaska climbing will require a ten-year follow on impact study of climbing at the Peterskill. We have the full sanction of Park Manager Mike Krish in conducting this study. The impact study has been one of our goals starting last year. It will compare present conditions to extensive data compiled ten years ago when the area was opened to climbing. The study has now been ongoing since April and we are very pleased to report good progress on the study. Opening more climbing within the Park will depend on the results of this very important work. Our volunteer graduate intern Shawn Adams is leading the study effort. Anyone with experience conducting animal, (small mammal trapping) and plant surveys is welcome to volunteer for the study; we could use a local person with experience in this area and the time available to participate. Estimated time commitment is about 8 to 16 hours per week through the summer. Please contact the GCC.

Other news: we have been in contact with TNC who runs Sam’s Point Visitor Center about the potential rock climbing there. The management, while not being in favor of allowing climbing, is willing to sit down with the GCC and have dialog about this. The cliff edge environment is considered a truly rare undisturbed environment so the immediate cliffs that can be seen from the parking lot will most likely continue to be off limits. These cliffs actually contain no more than 5 or so routes according to estimates. There is other potential for really nice climbing in the immediate vicinity which is right near the boundary line with PIPC. The location of these cliffs relative to property lines is being investigated. While we’re on this subject, during the last couple of years we’ve gotten access to excellent tools / volunteers for GIS mapping and establishing property boundary lines in relation to geological features (cliffs!) We’ve used these tools on all of our recent work and they’re indispensable. We’re building quite a database of the local property boundary lines and cliffs and hope to continue this very valuable work. Many thanks go out to our volunteer and Steering Committee member Mark Folsom. (

Finally, our Board of Directors has been working with the Access Fund to change our membership model. Revised bylaws are now basically done and will be voted in at a meeting (TBA) over the summer. Following pending passage of our revised bylaws, the GCC will begin "farming out" membership to the national Access Fund. Full members will consist only of the GCC's Board of Directors. Other involved climbers are considered Steering Committee members. All climbers who wish to join the GCC would do so through the Access Fund, where a portion of the membership would go to the GCC. Regional NY members of the Access Fund would automatically become associate members of the GCC and on our mailing list, receiving our bulletins, electronic newsletters and News Flashes. This is becoming the dominant membership model for LCO’s throughout the country. We will be voting on the revised bylaws in a public meeting to be announced later in the year. Details will follow.

As the summer heats up we wish you good climbing and success in all your endeavors.


Chris Moratz
Access Fund Regional Coordinator
GCC Board of Directors
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