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#22610 - 08/22/06 02:14 AM Re: Are you for sale? [Re: talus]
Eddie Offline

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for crisp sakes are all the posts on nothing but people bitching? a super market is marketing with a van waaa. it's hot waaa. buy local eat pesticedes not organic waaa. mel gibson is a anti simi waaa. i can't get laid in a carpet store waaa. my pee pee hurts waaa. skytop waa waa. i took a dump in the woods, slipped and fell in my poo waa. bugs waa. gas prices waaa, the war waaa. G W bush waaaa 70's bush waaa. my ankle hurts waa you wimp. your dog is annoying waa. uberfall is a long hike waaa. i need a fresh bowl pack waaa.

har har har! talus you are funny!
for the rest of you bitchers. SHUT UP!!

#22611 - 08/30/06 06:54 PM Re: Are you for sale? [Re: RangerRob]
Pamela Offline

Registered: 03/05/06
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Loc: Gardiner NY

So it isn't enough that Super Stop and Shop has built yet another chain store monstrosity in New Paltz. Now they have the audacity to actually hire one of those mobile billboards every weekend and drive all over the area just to let the community and weekenders know they are there. Twice now I have this converted box truck with a billboard on it sitting at the entrance to Minnewaska on a weekend. Chasing CU Market out of the Ames Plaza wasn't bad enough. Now they have to assault our senses with this useless barrage of advertisement. How could some idiot head manager decide that wasting gas on this endeavor is a good idea. I urge everyone...locals and visitors alike, to steer clear of this abomination in New Paltz. We had a perfectly lovely market in that plaza, but it could never compete with 2 huge chain food marts. The box store conversion of America is affecting New Paltz too. But you can do the right thing and not frequent that store. Let them know that their advertising on the ridge is totally unacceptable.


Really, you've seen this? I haven't seen it yet. I guess I don't hang out at the entrance to Minnewaska enough. Personally, I've only been there (Stop and Shop) a few times, but don't like it because their prices seem high, and I don't like their produce section. Robins is much, much better. However, when you live in Gardiner, there are few places to shop without having to drive 20+ miles. Choices are Hannaford in Pine Bush, Thruway in Walden (one of my favorites) or north to Kingston.

The mobile advertising is a smart move on their part. My husband used to work in the sign business, and many towns would enact zoning laws to restrict the size and type of signs that businesses could put up. The "mobile" ad was a way around the zoning and allowed the business to preserve their right to advertise and keep their right to freedom of speech.

If you don't like the Stop N Shop so much, or any of the other chain stores, you can just do what I do....don't go there any more.

#22612 - 08/30/06 08:17 PM Re: Are you for sale? [Re: Pamela]
RangerRob Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Loc: Ulster County, NY
Very true, I will continue not going there, not that I ever started. That's the great thing about this country. I have every right to voice my opinion about the store, their advertising policies, and the direct consequences of them operating here. Yay for freedom of speech, boo to Stop and Shop.


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