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#26173 - 12/08/06 02:44 PM Gloves for cold weather rock climbing
Mim Offline
old hand

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I am looking for a new pair of gloves to belay during cold weather rock climbing. I always use double ropes, so I like my fingers to be nimble. I like thin gloves with a sticky surface inside, however, they are usually not as warm, of course, as the thick winter gloves.

The FedEx guy showed up this morning with these gloves and they looked really sticky.

Has anyone used these? If not, what do you use?

#26174 - 12/08/06 07:53 PM Re: Gloves for cold weather rock climbing [Re: Mim]
empicard Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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i use those gloves around the house when working on disgusting projects, like snaking out a clogged drain. very nimble and dextrous.
but i dont know how warm they would keep you.

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#26175 - 12/08/06 09:01 PM Re: Gloves for cold weather rock climbing [Re: empicard]
skillet Offline

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Loc: long island,ny
i use those gloves as liners under regular work gloves when it's cold out. they will do very little to keep your hands warm. they are also not as sticky as they look, trust me. just picked up a pair of Black Diamond "punisher" gloves that may work well for you. i hate this non season we're in now. too cold for rock and the ice isn't in yet. i quit rock climbing at around 45 degrees. c'mon winter!
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#26176 - 12/09/06 01:09 AM Re: Gloves for cold weather rock climbing [Re: Mim]
MarcC Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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You might want to check out the Black Diamond Patrol Glove.
- Marc

#26177 - 12/09/06 06:37 AM Re: Gloves for cold weather rock climbing [Re: MarcC]
intrepid02 Offline
Snarky Bastard

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I have developed a system of gloves that are mostly BD gloves...

-A thin pair of liners. Think 100 weight capilene. These are used almost always used as liner gloves unless its really warm and I am wearing them to protect against snow burn. With just these I can do just about anything I can do barehanded. If I have to do something dextrous I'll take off my outer gloves and do it with these on. I like to have 2 pair so one can be drying inside my jacket.

-BD Jetstream. On extremely cold days (like negative farenheit numbers) I'll use these as liners. On warmer days I wear them as an outer glove. They are great for rock climbing and did well on a recent solo of the Exum Ridge. I can do just about any rockclimbing task with these on.

-BD Glissade. Worn on average winter days (15 farenheit to 40 farenheit) along with the thin liner gloves. Allow me enough dexterity to do anything but fine stuff like threading a belt buckle. Excellent gloves. My only complaint is a lack of a removable liner, but they rarely get wet when used with liner gloves (but I'm also in a very dry climate).

-BD Mercury Mitt. I have almost no dexterity with these things on, but I really can't even imagine my hands being cold inside them. I call them my oven mitts. Wore them for a full day of boarding when the high was 9 farenheit and my hands were the only things that weren't cold. Most sane people would stay inside on days like that but it was also a knee deep powder day, so...

BD Gloves

Disclaimer: I didn't pro-deal any of these (though I have pro-dealed things from BD in the past). I just really dig BDs gloves and actually payed retail for these.

#26178 - 12/09/06 05:56 PM Re: Gloves for cold weather rock climbing [Re: intrepid02]
rg@ofmc Offline

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Loc: Poughkeepsie, NY
If you're going to be hanging on to the rock bare-handed, do you really need gloves for belaying?

Of course, I'm one of the very few people who insist you need gloves for belaying year-round, but not because of warmth. I use the somewhat pricey but totally bombproof Metolius 3/4 length finger belay gloves for summer and winter rock-climbing. Metolius also makes full-finger versions, one of which has a thin tricot lining for warmth. I can't imagine needing more than that for conditions that still allow for bare-handed climbing.

I'd beware of mountaineering gloves like the BD Jetstream, which are nice for what they are meant for, but really don't fit the bill for intensive handling of ropes, especially double ropes. Rapelling and double-rope handling frequently involve having a finger between the ropes, and gloves made of soft fleece with no leather protection in the fingers are going to wear fast.

You can upgrade to a $70-$80 pair of ice-climbing gloves, which is fine if you'll also use them for ice-climbing, but that seems like too much money to me for belay gloves for 40 degree days.

#26179 - 12/11/06 01:20 PM Re: Gloves for cold weather rock climbing [Re: rg@ofmc]
RangerRob Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Do belay gloves really have to be that specialized?? Any pair of warm gloves that are moderately water resistant work for me.


#26180 - 12/12/06 03:52 AM Re: Gloves for cold weather rock climbing [Re: Mim]
pedestrian Offline

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Dunno, but I've used these and love 'em:

The women's version is at:

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#26181 - 12/13/06 02:59 AM Re: Gloves for cold weather rock climbing [Re: pedestrian]
Spiderman Offline
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I work outside year round. I wear gloves every day. I consider them as important as socks or underware. The guys I work with and I are always trying different gloves for different tasks in varying temperatures. Personal preference,comfort & function are dependent on the user. I find the leather glove to be the best hand shoe available. I belay in a Metolius full-finger glove(no insulation). I work in a plain leather glove until about January.
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