Here is the trip report on my approach to Kathmandu. All times are local times,and the metric system is in effect!

The first pitch was an alpine start of 5 am, leaving base camp Tillson. ofcourse stupid traffic was encountered on LI. A bit of 5.6 NYC style driving soon eased off as i approached the airport. After standing in line at 2 different ticket counters one in terminal 1 and one in terminal 8 i was soon approaching The jetway. The last few moves involved 13 hours of free beer and 4 movies to arrive at the belay in Narita Japan.

P 2 was thin face moves navigating the train system to town. After that there was an OW leading tosome Noodlesand soup. Back to the jetway after 6 hours only to find that there was a false summit that required 2 more hours of waiting and a jetway exchange finally arriving on the plane.

P3 Found me in the airport in Bangkok. I was fully ready for some serious hard negotiations. Having been trained at the Lima Peru school of negotiations and robbery, i was on guard! The 5.13+ moves turned out to be a sucker move! The Thai's are very friendly and honest compared to their 3rd world counterpartsin Lima! After some 5.0 moves i found myself pulling some A1 as i travelled to kaw san road! It was 1:30am but i was able to get a room for150 baht($3).

P4 involved finding my pal Bort Longyear. This looked as if it could be the crux. Finding a fellow Gringo in Bangkok. As i was enjoying breakfast and beer, Bort walked by. The crux turned out to be 4th class. The rest of the day was spent buying a plane ticket to Kathmandu ($200 r/t), and eating the excellent food on th street.

P5 I the crux pitch! Our plane left that same evening to our first stop Dhaka Bangladesh!!!! Yes, they are musslim! We landed to a monsoon rain. were ushered to a "loading" area, where our passports were collected and we were rounded up for a ride to the airline provided hotel. We had a layover till morning. local time was 12:30 am!! The Combe da morte Turned out to almost seal our fate! It went at V3, A2+. as we were speeding down a wet and dark road the macho driver honking the horn and passing richshaws like mario andreddi was soon to loose control!!!! When to driver noticed a slower car up ahead he hit the brakes(dumbass!!) and sent us into a 100km skid. we twisted, we turned, and we swore in english. But to no avail! We smashed into the jersey barrier, almost rolled it, and came to rest! Alive but in the road to all the oncomming trucks we had just flew by! Alli could see was approacking headlights. i made a move to bailout, but the driver was able to start the combe, abck up and take off! In the morning we walked around the city for an hour, then boarded the bus for a less exciting ride back to the airport! We collected our passports and was on our way. next stop Nepal.

P6 This turned out to be a few easy slab moves to our GH in the city. My brother had sent a local to collect us fromthe airport. So negotiating a taxi was done for us!

It was an interseting 3-4 days.
Tomorrow we leave for the big mountains.
Stay tuned for more of the wacky adventures of Eddie and crew

Flip Rollstein

Somewhere out there......