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#34029 - 10/26/07 07:57 PM Rock Shoes for Wide Feet?
jdw Offline

Registered: 03/25/01
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Loc: Connecticut
Can someone suggest rock shoes to try for wide feet? Also, my big toe is longer than my second one, so the point of the shoe needs to be towards the inside, rather than nearer the middle. It seems like my issue is that if my forefoot is too squashed then my foot can't flex properly and climbing is hampered and painful.

My favorite shoes are my seven year old FiveTen Huecos (the burgundy ones), but I've had them resoled about five times and they're about done. Scarpa Thunders are good, but not as good as the Huecos.



#34032 - 10/26/07 08:49 PM Re: Rock Shoes for Wide Feet? [Re: jdw]
quanto_the_mad Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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I have Acopa Chameleons, which are wide (and are also unlined leather velcros). They're my all-day shoes and fit well. For a tighter fit (for bouldering) I wear mad rock mugens, which squish the feet a bit. I used to wear boreal pyros which also fit well but were hard to find.

#34033 - 10/26/07 11:10 PM Re: Rock Shoes for Wide Feet? [Re: quanto_the_mad]
EastVillage Offline

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Loc: NYC
I have 5.10 newtons for my wide feet and they fit well. Newtons are no longer made, so check w/5.10 on the heir apparent.
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#34034 - 10/26/07 11:17 PM Re: Rock Shoes for Wide Feet? [Re: EastVillage]
GOclimb Offline

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Loc: Boston
Stay away from everything made by La Sportiva. Great shoe manufacturers - wish they'd come out with *something* to fit hobbit feet like mine. It's not brand-loyalty, it's just that La Sportiva shoes simply never ever ever fit.



#34035 - 10/26/07 11:50 PM Re: Rock Shoes for Wide Feet? [Re: GOclimb]
rg@ofmc Offline

Registered: 12/25/99
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Loc: Poughkeepsie, NY
I think of my feet as medium width and my 5.10 Galileos are definitely too wide, so they might work for you. Following up on Gabe's comment, I have a pair of La Sportiva Barracudas that hurt me in a way no other shoe has ever hurt, on the outside of my little toe. But of all the shoes I've seen their shape is the closest to what you describe.

I don't think Acopa's are especially wide, I have a pair of Spectres which I like alot for Gunks climbing. Bachar has tried to make them comfortable, whatever that could possibly mean for a rock-climbing shoe. I think he has succeeded, so they might feel better than many other shoes, whether or not they are really wider than usual.

#34036 - 10/27/07 12:02 AM Re: Rock Shoes for Wide Feet? [Re: jdw]
mworking Offline
old hand

Registered: 05/26/04
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 Originally Posted By: jdw
Can someone suggest rock shoes to try for wide feet? Also, my big toe is longer than my second one, so the point of the shoe needs to be towards the inside, rather than nearer the middle...

Plenty of shoes are made this way and you can tell where the longest part is simply by looking at them. La Sportiva Katanas are best for people with longer big toes, and they are wider than many other shoes they offer. But there are plenty of others to try.

After fit there are still plenty of things to consider -such as stiffness, sensitivity rubber - which affects both... Some people even care about color!

Ya got to do this yourself - and in this side of the country selection is easier since it often boils down to what you can find to try on.

#34038 - 10/27/07 12:30 AM Re: Rock Shoes for Wide Feet? [Re: mworking]
chip Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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The 5.10 Altia is supposed to be made on the same last as the Hueco. Looks easy enough to cut off the high top part, which I've been considering for myself as my Huecos won't last forever. I've also been looking forward to trying the Vmile from 5.10 as it is supposed to be similar in last.

#34057 - 10/29/07 05:33 PM Re: Rock Shoes for Wide Feet? [Re: chip]
Frank Florence Offline

Registered: 01/05/00
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Loc: moved to Bend
I also have a pair of Acopa Spectres and they fit well on my EE width feet. I like the comforable last, the rubber is reasonably sticky, and the rand is well designed. The critical step for me was fine tuning the shoe length so that both overall length and arch alignment were the best possible. After trying on a few pair, I opted to go with a half size larger on my right foot. It cost a little more, and I had to wait a month, but the fit is great.

I also have a pair of Scarpa Marathons. It's a pretty good design, although I don't think the materials are up to Scarpa's usual quality. But what I found is that by soaking the leather upper (an unavoidable stream crossing, but that's another story) and then wearing them dry, I ended up with a terrific fit - and yellow stained feet.

#34058 - 10/29/07 06:27 PM Re: Rock Shoes for Wide Feet? [Re: Frank Florence]
CrackBoy Offline

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Loc: Republic of Davis
i have always considered la sportiva to make shoes great for narrow foot/high arch.

boreal was always the wide foot with 5.10 in betwee
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