I got this from the AAC e-newsletter.


AAC member David Isserman has launched http://www.MyExpedition.net, a free site that provides blogging services for those who don't want to mess with setting up their own independent website. Once someone joins, he can search, browse, and befriend other members in the MyExpedition.net network. Users can choose from a couple of dozen templates to customize the look of their blogs. Best of all, there will be no ads or other commercial intrusions. Members who have questions about the service can contact Isserman at david@isserman.com.

Another no-cost option is MyTripJournal.com , which allows members to create a website displaying a map, photos, and video, as well as an itinerary and text updates. The service will send e-mail updates to people who sign up for them, and access can be public or restricted to a list you provide. The downside? Each page will have ads from Google and other companies.