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#34626 - 11/26/07 05:37 PM Re: Help me pick tools and crampons!!! [Re: crackers]
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 Originally Posted By: crackers
i'm pretty sure that if they're still around, you can get alp wings with cascade picks instead of evolution picks.

Where and how? The pick angle is way different on each(see image of picks lined up by the connector plate)

Poor design to have different head angles that require different picks, unlike BD where you can put almost any pick on any tool.

#34627 - 11/26/07 05:49 PM Re: Help me pick tools and crampons!!! [Re: empicard]
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 Originally Posted By: empicard
that sucks! what happened?
feel better.

I would love to say it was something adventurous and daring involving saving a baby

Was playing soccer and some dude took me out from behind after i stripped him of the ball.

So luckily it :isn't a very bad break, only really a microfracture and it was on my fibula, a non weight bearing bone

am wanting to shed the crutches but if i walk too much it hurts
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#34628 - 11/26/07 05:50 PM Re: Help me pick tools and crampons!!! [Re: empicard]
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get better dude. sorry to hear you broke your leg.

#34677 - 11/29/07 02:53 PM Re: Help me pick tools and crampons!!! [Re: empicard]
Chas Offline

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That does suck- sorry about the leg.

If you can, try top demo gear at an ice fest or use friends. As was said above, stay with the biggies, BD, Charlet Moser, Grivels, and slightly below them I'd also put DMM. After those I'd definately steer clear of the other companies. I tried a pair of Grivels last year, when a guy and I were working on putting up a fairly hard mixed climb (somewhere around M8ish/WI5). For him, Grivels were awesome, but for my swing I found they were too aggressive. I ended up going with BD Reactors. For my swing I found them to be much better. What may be awesome for one person may suck for another.

#35146 - 01/08/08 08:20 PM Re: Help me pick tools and crampons!!! [Re: Chas]
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Back when I was climbing ice (God, how long ago was that?!) I was very happy with the BD Vipers. For me they worked very well on steep ice as well as softer mixed routes. I was also a big fan of the Grivel Rambo Comp crampons. The Grivels seemed to "stick" to the ice better than the. BD Bionics I had.

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