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#38072 - 06/27/08 05:58 PM Re: Screaming Girl/High E/Cut Rope [Re: MarcC]
TrippleB Offline

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Ped, I am amazazed you have avoided Kersplat membership.
TrippleB, because TripleB just doesnt look as cool.

#38073 - 06/27/08 06:16 PM Re: Screaming Girl/High E/Cut Rope [Re: pedestrian]
phlan Offline

Carpal Tunnel

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here are some of the rules:
-groundfall should be at least 20 feet, phil's was a ledgefall, but the spectacular nature of the rescue more than made up for that
-if you are dead, you are not eligible
-noobs generally not, that's just darwin at work
-yuppies need not apply
-you'll have to deal with the "no slack revue" (taunting by fellow members esp. while climbing)
-one initiation rite consists of wearing the most deviant costume you can think of and showing up at the cliffs (i.o.w. climbing naked, of course. a pink thong is pretty good too)
-you should have your own trademark "costume" that you wear at other times, so you can be identified by other members
-you should ideally have lots of scars to show from, not only climbing accidents*, but also car wrecks, motorcycle crashes, industrial accidents, various near death escapes etc. points are assigned by nature and size of the scars of course and determine rank within the group
-we like screaming girls and are encourage to apply for membership
-that is all I can think of for now...:-)

*climbing accidents actually score the lowest of all... ;-)
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#38074 - 06/27/08 06:23 PM Re: Screaming Girl/High E/Cut Rope [Re: MarcC]
Coppertone Offline
old hand

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 Originally Posted By: MarcC
 Originally Posted By: chip
I kersplated once from the little overhang on Hyjek's (foot popped), back before there were mini-cams and after the pin got pulled as "unneccessary". Does that count, or does it have to be higher?

<thread drift>
Don't know if it counts, but that move could be well protected with the existing gear of the 90's when the pin vanished*. A #4 RP goes in really well in the base of the tiny V slot near where the pin was. One of the small Metolius TCU's can be placed off to the left. Up at the overhang, a #4 and #5 Chouinard stopper can be opposed - the bigger one from the back pulled forward, the smaller on the front side of the little horizontal at the o-hang pulled right.

Note: sizes are based on the sizes of what was available in the 90's - have no idea how that maps onto newer gear.

*: iirc, the pin broke, it wasn't pulled. The stub was visible in the crack for some years afterward. Because of what I described above, it was deemed unnecessary and wasn't replaced.
</thread drift>

Never use cams on the bottom of Hyjeks. You can get a great tricam in the pocket about 10 feet up and then as Mark said slot nuts at the overhang.

#38078 - 06/27/08 08:26 PM Re: Screaming Girl/High E/Cut Rope [Re: Coppertone]
chip Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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I had never seen a tri-cam yet at that point in my climbing adventures. Timing was about '84 or '85. I'm a slow study, I know they were around by then. I think that my parachute roll across the sharp rocks followed by jumping up like Nadia Comaneci finishing her best routine should count at least as highly as actually wearing a gymnast uniform. My wife wasn't impressed, as excited as I was by finding all parts remained intact and functional.
I've since tried to place that tricam but never thought it looked all that great. The overhang is easy to protect, which I was slotting with a little hex when I popped.

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