How much more of an authentic (Northeast USA) climbermobile can you get? It's even the stereotypical green! All wheel drive for those ice climbing and skiing trips, not to mention extra safety in the rain. Last time I measured mileage (from Pinkham Notch coincidentally) I got 25.1 mpg at speeds... er, above maximum fuel efficiency.
Has been regularly maintained, everything works - except the A/C, which has a leak in it, and the lumbar adjustment. Overall the car is in good shape.
Manual transmission, all wheel drive. 135k miles on it. Asking high $2000s range, Blue Book value is $5000.
There is enough space to sleep 1 comfortably in the back of the car, even if you're tall and the car is full of pointy tools, but you'll be positioned diagonally. Two short people probably OK.
Has various nice touches for winter trips, ranging from cruise control to heated seats to side mirror defrosters.
PM me if interested.