Being from Moab your example of Bloom's guide hit a nerve. You express much of how I feel about the new Gunks Guide. Lacking as it may be, it was a new approach to a well documented area. Bloom's guide, even though it has what I seek in a guide stepped over some boundries for me. Many of the areas listed that were not in the old guides was like documenting Lost City. If you wanted to experience these areas you went out and explored or talked to friends or climbers who had been there before. That is now lost. Also the grade changes and poor gear beta are an issue. Have to admit though the approach the guide took using Great Photos is what I want to see and to me is special as I see many of the characters that have influenced my climbing and the positive ethics of the climbing in The Creek. Hopefully it will also have a good effect on the new climbers coming here for the first time.
not so famous cranky old dude