Justa quick story about my day.
Today BobbyS, sonya, martin, and i climbed the Ao Nang Tower. it is a 3 pitch climb on a free standing pinnacle in the ocean of thailand.
A boat approach is required. we somehow managed to screw up the tide timing arriving at low tide. it took some tricky foot work from "sketchy eddie" (i can make eevrything look sketch!) to gain the start.
once on the tower a traverse left brought us to the first bolt. after some wild 6B stems and stalagtite manipulation we arrived at the top of P1.
P2 was a short 6B. linking P1 and P2 is possible, or P2 and P3 can be linked. i would say link 1 and 2 for a long 45-50 meter lead. the final pitch is a 6C that i gave a miss to. it looks like wonderful scary climbing. sonya and martin gave it two thumbs up.
The desent is one 50 meter rap from the top of P2 INTO A BOAT! this may have been the most fun of all.
all and all it was a great route. the sun hit us about noon. so you would want to be off by then.
the longtall boat approach is 40 baht per person. (this is eddie pricing. the team ahead of us paid a total of 800B, where our total was 320B! HAHAHAAHAHAHA)
Now that "work" is finished i am off to the beach!
stay warm
more Poser reports to come....stay tuned
sketchy eddie