Pundit Gerald Celete predicts

1) 2008 is the beginning - we will see panic and a crashing economy. No one will be able to figure out how to stop it therefore they won't. The people that caused it will be busy grabbing their money, running and hiding.

2) Gas prices are kept low by those in power in order to 'hopefully' boost Christmas spending. Why is that important? Because it will 'hopefully' create a better yearly earnings report. It will not. In fact the yearly earning report will be analyzed and these reports will be available in Feb. By then the growing layoffs will be obvious, and the true state of the economy will be undeniable. People will realize there will be NO rebound. That is when people will pull even more money out of stocks in hopes to save a little of what they lost.

3) Most companies around the globe will go out of business.

4) There will be food shortages, probably for years.

5) Seeing many people are 'takers' these days and only care about what they can get for free, those evil and desperate 'takers' will try to take even more by preying on the weak and elderly at first. Then, they will come after the strong and fighting will occur at that level for some time. The homeless and fleeing people will take up sleeping in abandon buildings. Buildings that have gone out of business.

Supermarkets' emergency plans to keep shelves full
• Retailers fear collapse of lines of supply
• Bailiffs prepare for busiest Christmas as shops go under

Fears that scores of supermarket suppliers will go bust next year have led the country's major chains to draw up emergency plans to replace them, The Observer can reveal.