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#44361 - 04/28/09 01:32 PM Re: Cliff Closure [Re: quanto_the_mad]
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Ditto what quanto said. We dropped over on Saturday. The trail is rudimentary (obviously). In some places it butts up against clearly marked private land.
Having not ventured beyond Main Line previously, was surprised to get a nasty pump, evil rope drag and general ass-handing-to-me on Hold The Mayo. Then we did the crack on the side of Inside Out to TR Void Where Prohibited (or whichever the right hand roof is). Finally figured the trick out there. Then we did Mac Reppy. No clue at the crux. Being tall helps, I guess. Otherwise you are powering up off the broken flake and the key hold is way the hell up there for the somewhat shorter climber. I think Dana in some post a while back said that this is no problem if you're 5'10. Think I need to grow a bit. Great lines. Kind of a nice walk.

Originally Posted By: quanto_the_mad
We decided that with the gorgeous weather and possible crowds, we would head to the far end of the Nears.

The new descent trail was clearly marked with orange tape. As the blue trail begins to descend, it veers up and to the right. Keep following that blue trail over the rock and it heads down again and the orange tape is on a tree on the left. There's not much of a foot trail (yet).

As you head west and down, there's a section where the tape heads north, while the gully heads southeast; looking into the gully, you can see the orange tape about 30' below. This caused some confusion as to where the trail was going or if there were multiple trails. I think if they don't want people cutting their own trails, there should be a more direct path through that section, it doesn't make much sense to wind up and around.

After that, there's a relatively steep scramble down; not uncommon in other areas like Rumney, but a little unexpected at the Gunks. It's not too long, but could get slick if it's wet.

I lost track of the time, it might have taken us as much as an hour to get to the Williams wall, but we stopped a few times to shed layers as the sun roasted us on the ridge, tie shoelaces, apply bandaids to some little ones, try to reason out why the marked trail was leading away from the gully, the bottleneck in the gully (that we created), so really I don't know how long it takes.

#44362 - 04/28/09 03:13 PM Re: Cliff Closure [Re: ianmanger]
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I was with Quanto_the_mad and families on the descent trail. There were some steep spots on the trail down, but the youngest (6 year old) boy that was with us was able to negotiate it with only minor slippage and a hand or two occasionally (but then again, he's got lots of experience with hardcore climber parents).

Estimated time for an adult without dragging little kids was close to the same amount of time to walk along the base of the cliff.

When you get to the steep section, you'll see the orange tape blazes going way to the left as well as below you. It confused us at first because it looked like 2 trails - one going left across the top of the cliff, and one going down. But I found out that it's just a big switchback to make the hike easier - it goes left and back right again. To make this section clearer, it has since been reflagged with small wire flags so we don't get too many random trails going straight down to bypass the switchback.

I walked to where the closure was. It was such a small section of cliff that I could easily see climbers at the base of a climb at the other end of the closure.


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