I have to tell you that biking in Moab is great!! I have been out there dozens of times and would recommend it to any one who asks. I also recommend Kaibab bike tours. I did a 5 day trip with them to the grand cayon and let me tell you it was the BEST trip I have ever taken. The riding was amazing , the guides were great and the food,,, well let me tell you that I gained 4 pounds on the trip. The only thing the guides didn’t do were ride the bike for you. I highly recommend it.

Riding in Moab can be a little tricky if you get lost you can die. It is a desert and water is not readily available, so plan accordingly. My suggestion to you is go during the fat tire festival. It’s in October it is the best time to ride there and they have guides for every level. Bring water bottles and some cool weather gear (in the mornings it is still cold). When I was out there last they had a Halloween ride where everyone dressed in costume and rode down main street to a pasta dinner (500 MTB) it was great.

Good luck Cori