Hey all, I just moved to Highland (about 20 miles from the gunks) for a temporary internship. I'm from Berkeley, and have been doing a lot of indoor climbing since the beginning of the year, but after seeing the gunks decided that I would really like to harness (sorry!) the opportunity for climbing while I'm here. But I'm admittedly a bit hesitant to free climb solo, especially sans pad or spotter. So I'm wondering if any of you kind people would be interested in a climbing partner for the next 3 months? Because I've been indoor, I don't have a rope or even a helmet--the latter will just have to be remedied--but am set with harness etc. I've been bouldering at V4 and top-roping 5.11, but with rustiness and unfamiliarity of the outdoor setting, I'm liable to be a bit lower, at least at first. Let me know if you're interested!


I've a couch for any of you out-of-towners, too!