We need someone to stay in the house and give our dog a bit of TLC while we are away in July for an important family reunion.

Dates: Wed. July 20 to Mon. July 25. The beginning date is not flexible, but the end date is. For example, if you need to leave on Sunday, we could have someone take care of him for the Monday until our return.

Great house, 15 mins from the cliffs. Two bedrooms, three bathrooms, WiFi, Instant Play Netflix on huge TV, BBQ & deck, piano, etc.

Our beloved soon-to-be 13 year old Miniature Schnauzer is mostly blind, partly deaf, and diabetic. He's a happy sport though, and not in pain at all, which is why he's still around. However, we'd prefer to leave him at home rather than take him with us, as he can feel his way around the house, but it gets difficult for him once we take him out of his familiar environment.

He needs two shots on insulin a day 12 hours apart (which are really easy to give and he's a very compliant patient), and two bowls of food a day (7 A and 5 P or wherabouts). A daily short walk around the block would be nice but is optional. He can go in and out of the house at will through the pet door that leads to a enclosed yard. So going out climbing for the day is not an issue. He can be left alone for long periods of time.

If anyone is interested, please PM me. Thanks!