I have a toprope rope sitting around my gear closet taking up space. It is old (almost exactly 10 years) but has been very gently used. Due to its age alone I do not lead on it. It has been used as a lead rope only once and has never held a lead fall. In fact it's probably seen well under 20 climbing days total, ever.

It's a 10.5mm x 50M which was, when new, dry-coated. You want it, let me know: it's yours. Note that most climbing gear manufacturers would recommend against using 10 year old gear, particularly nylon. You assume any risk associated with this practice if you take the rope from me. Heck, you can send it to those "rope rug" people if you like -- which would doubtless be safer than toproping on it -- I just want it out of my closet.