I'm looking for some climbing partners!

I live locally but can only really climb on the weekends. Since my two favorite climbing partners have moved out of the area, all those left seem to be guides who are busy on the weekends.

Because of this I haven't been getting out too much. Now that the fall is upon us, I'd like to try to get out some more. I can follow up to 5.9, lead in the 5.5-5.6 range. I'm looking for people who are mellow and want to be out and enjoy climbing. I'd prefer to climb with other women, but I don't have anything against climbing with the boys if you have the laid back personality (just not the blaze-before-you-climb kind of laid back.)

I have 12 years of climbing experience, safe climber. If interested, email me at climbingbetty22@hotmail.com
"In the 60's sex was safe and climbing was dangerous. Now its the other way around." -Chuck Pratt