I want to brush up with a few days' practice on my wall systems before a trip next week. I'm not really contemplating aid practice, but I want to get my haul system dialed, get my rhythm back cleaning on jumars, etc.

No partner for aid stuff the middle of this week anyhow, so rather than monkeying around learning a solo aid system I'm thinking to strictly practice what I have a reasonable chance of speeding up with a day or two of work.

So I'm looking for a spot where I can walk up, midweek, fix a rope on reasonably steep terrain to the ground, and be out of the way of people doing real climbing rather than ersatz wall buffoonery, would be ideal. I can think of several places near the ends of the Trapps and Nears but they're pretty short -- particularly for hauling I want at least 100' or so of pain.

Any suggestions?

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